Sir John Rhŷs Papers: letters and cards from Whitley Stokes, 1871-1909 (A1/3/5)

In 2015, as part of the centennial events to mark the death of Sir John Rhŷs, the National Library of Wales has digitized a rich series of over 320 letters and cards from Whitley Stokes to John Rhŷs (1871-1909).


The correspondence has been foliated and organized as 3 folders and 3 bundles and is presented in the viewer in the following order:

Letters and cards from Whitley Stokes to John Rhŷs (ff. 1-364)
Folios 1-87: letters dated between July 1871 and August 1894 [folder A1/3/5(i)];
Folios 88-151: letters dated between September 1895 and January 1909 [folder A1/3/5(ii)];
Folios 152-215: cards dated between September 1874 and October 1887 [bundle A1/3/5(iii)];
Folios 216-284: cards dated between November 1887 and November 1895 [bundle A1/3/5(iv)];
Folios 285-364: cards dated between November 1895 and January 1909 [bundle A1/3/5(v)].

Other material (ff.365-414)
Folios 365-368: four letters to John Rhŷs, [1875x1876], from William Stokes [folder A1/3/5(vi)];
Folios 369-372: three letters, 1875, 1893, and undated, from Margaret Stokes [folder A1/3/5(vi)];
Folios 373-386: a copy of The Irish passages in the Stowe Missal (Calcutta, 1881), edited by Whitley Stokes [folder A1/3/5(vi)];
Folios 387-390: Charles Plummer's article, 'Notes on the Stowe Missal' (1885) [folder A1/3/5(vi)];
Folios 391-395: three letters, 1883, addressed to Charles Plummer from Whitley Stokes [folder A1/3/5(vi)].