Welsh periodicals

The Library’s collection of Welsh periodicals covers a wide range of titles with comprehensive coverage of periodicals published in Wales and the Marches after 1911 when the Copyright Act 1911 granted legal deposit rights to the Library. Holdings for periodicals published prior to 1911 while extensive are less complete and have been built up by purchases and donations.
In addition to journals published in Wales and the Marches the Library’s collection of Welsh periodicals also includes periodicals of Welsh interest published in other countries such as the USA, Australia, Germany and France etc.

Welsh periodicals collection format

The Library has an extensive collection of Welsh periodicals in hard copy format. In addition the Library, in keeping with the opportunities offered by modern technology, has produced an open access online database of Welsh journals.

Using the collection

Most of the Welsh periodicals collection has been catalogued and can be found in the Library’s Catalogue. Items can be ordered from the catalogue for viewing in the Reading Room, while some frequently used titles are available on open shelves in the Reading Room.


The Library has also published two bibliographies of nineteenth century Welsh periodicals produced by Dr Huw Walters, Llyfryddiaeth cylchgronau Cymreig 1735-1850 = A bibliography of Welsh periodicals 1735-1850 and Llyfryddiaeth cylchgronau Cymreig 1851-1900 = A bibliography of Welsh periodicals 1851-1900 which provide comprehensive information for Welsh periodicals of that period.