It’s always exciting to see a person or place that’s familiar to you come to life on the screen, especially if you didn’t know such footage existed. Over the years, the Archive has been collecting audio-visual material from members of the public, as well as commercial companies resulting in a large and varied collection. Have you ever considered there might be films of your area in the Archive?

The archive can be accessed in a number of ways. Search the Catalogue to discover material, come and use our viewing room to view, listen and research or order copies. Over 700 of our films are also available online as part of the ‘Unlocking Film Heritage’ Project in partnership with the British Film Institute.

Keeping in touch:

“The Screen & Sound Archive has been a great help to me in both my television and book research. I was able, for example, to find a rare piece of film of pacifist protest during the run up to the second World War and I have been impressed by the Archive’s willingness to make its impressive resources accessible to local film students.” Colin Thomas