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Photocopying is available in all sizes from A4 up to A0 in black and white and A4 to A3 in colour. The larger copying (A1-A0) is available only from unbound single sheet items.

Reduction & enlargement

Reduction and enlargement is available from 25 - 400% both in black and white up to A2 size and colour. There is no facility for reduction and enlargement for material larger than A2.

Self service

Self service copying with certain restrictions is available both from original printed material and from microfilm. For this service a copying card must be purchased. This service is available only in black and white and A4 size.

Colour photocopying

Colour photocopying is best suited for reference purposes only; the Library cannot guarantee long term stability of colour photocopies. Please refer to our photographic/digital-imaging page for our full range of colour services.


Some material not suitable for direct photocopying can be supplied by first producing a microfilm (microprints) and then a photocopy from the microfilm. The enquiries team will inform customers should this be the most suitable means of copying.

How to order

For details of how to order, please see our how to order page.

Reproductions supplied by the Library must not be reproduced without obtaining, in writing, the relevant permission from the Library: see publication rights.


Prices vary according to your requirements and VAT is charged at the applicable rate on all orders. For full details visit our material reproduction price list page.