The National Library of Wales offers many services for the press and media.

The National Library of Wales welcomes television crews. However, the nature of our collections means we have to take into consideration questions of copyright, conservation and security and so cannot always guarantee access to all our collections.

How can The National Library of Wales be at your service?

Covid 19 and Renovation Works

The information below has been updated to reflect the current position in the Library regarding access during the Covid 19 period. We will update this page as the situation changes. The Library building is also currently undergoing major refurbishment. Further information on that work can be found on the Building Works page.
The arrangements in place to deal with the Covid 19 crisis include the following:

  • You need to submit each request to film in the building, including filming collections, at least 10 working days before the filming date.
  • You will need to complete your own Risk Assessment which includes information on how you will take action to reduce risk to staff and other users.
  • There will be procedures in place for your visit, such as completing a short questionnaire, measuring temperature, washing hands and wearing masks, and these will be shared with you in advance.


A member of your staff can join the Library free of charge and do their own research.

Filming Collections

If you wish to film images from the Library's various collections, be they photographs, maps, postcards, manuscripts, books, posters or anything else, please contact the Marketing Section on or 01970 632 584.

See below for filming fees.

The Library as a location

The building

The Library's magnificent building with its beautiful view of Aberystwyth and Cardigan Bay below is an excellent film location. The site and building are ideal for interviews in a dignified or scholarly setting.

The Gregynog Gallery

The Gregynog Gallery and other exhibition spaces at the Library are all currently closed. Information on our current programme can be found on the Exhibitions page.

Filming fees


NLW's daily filming rate is £300 a day or £60 an hour. This price includes research work for supplying Library items and the presence of a member of staff who has to be on site for security and conservation reasons. Companies must give 4 working days notice of any intention to film if they wish to use the Library building as a location, and 10 working days notice if they wish to film items from the Library's collections.


NLW's daily fee is £150 for use of the Library as a location without the use of any of the Library's collections. Companies must give 4 working days notice before the day of filming.

Reproduction fees

  • £30 per image for one Wales/Regional broadcast (the length of the broadcast makes no difference)
  • £50 per image for UK Network broadcast
  • £60 per image for Worldwide broadcast
  • £15 for repeat and digital broadcast Wales/Regional, UK Network and Worldwide
  • £90 for 15 years broadcasting in analogue and digital including web-streaming and use for DVD and promotional use (Wales/Regional)
  • £100 for 15 years broadcasting in analogue and digital including web-streaming and use for DVD and promotional use (UK and worldwide)

NLW can discuss special rates for companies using more than 10 images.