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David Lloyd George (1863-1945) is probably the greatest international statesman to come from Wales. His influence was very marked on the life of Wales, the United Kingdom and Europe. He was a Liberal member of Parliament for fifty years and served in government as President of the Board of Trade (1905-08), Chancellor of the Exchequer (1908-15), Arms Minister (1915-16) and War Minister (1916). In December 1916 at the height of the First World War he became Prime Minister and held that office until 1922. For the rest of his parliamentary career he was a backbencher. In 1945 he received the title Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor two months before his death.

This exhibition has been created through the kind sponsorship of Wales Remembers in order to present the life and work of David Lloyd George, especially his role during the First World War.

It offers access to original items such as photographs and letters, video clips a diary and letters by Lloyd George's personal secretary from the Versailles Peace Conference. These together not only offer a picture of David Lloyd George the Statesman at one of the most turbulent times in Britain's modern history, but offer a glimpse into the personal life of one of Wales' most famous sons.