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The Life Story of David Lloyd George


35mm, 152 minutes, Black & White, Silent, Biopic, Maurice Elvey

Extract showing the closing sections of this epic biopic (biographical picture) which is shrouded in mystery. Why was it never shown in 1918, despite the great anticipation in the cinema trade papers and amongst the crowds of people across Britain that had taken part as extras? There are various possible reasons for its disappearance but what is certain is that Lloyd George retained the negative reels. They were discovered amongst his collection of family films in 1994 – a once-in-a-lifetime find for The National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales – and the film received its long-awaited premier in 1996. It is a compilation of entertaining, moving and remarkable stories and special effects that contribute to the overall picture of The Man who Saved the Empire (an initial title for the film).

NB: This film is available on DVD.