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Rotatiller and Caterpillar Tractor, Oct. and Nov. 1938

1938, 16mm, 5 minutes, Colour, Silent, Home movie, A J Sylvester

Making best use of the land and increasing productivity was an issue close to Lloyd George's heart. He was particularly interested in, and impressed by, Hitler's land reclamation schemes (which dealt with another big issue - unemployment) and he visited such schemes when on a trip to Germany in 1936. Industrial farming was on the horizon and the two machines demonstrating their capacity on his farm – Bron-y-de - are forerunners. Lloyd George is seen being filmed, probably by a newsreel company. He stands at at the front entrance of Bron-y-de, holding forth about these issues, possibly.

Note: 'Rotatiller and Caterpillar Tractor, Oct. and Nov. 1938' is available for viewing on the BFI Player