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A J Sylvester Collection
Over 500 photographs taken by A J Sylvester of David Lloyd George, his family and entourage. These can be viewed in the A. J. Sylvester gallery.

Maesygwernen Album
The Maesygwernen album is a “Simplico” album. It contains 24 photographs connected with the visit of Lloyd George to Maesygwernen Hall and Morriston, in August 1918.

Dame Margaret Lloyd George Photograph Album
The album of Dame Margaret Lloyd George contains 121 photographs of the Lloyd George family; including Dame Margaret herself, Lady Megan and David Lloyd George.

Olwen Carey Evans Collection 6
This is an album of 205 photographs from the Olwen Carey Evans Collection. It contains a mixture of family snapshots and press photos documenting David Lloyd George’s career as Prime Minister during the First World War.

Olwen Carey Evans Collection 10
This is an album of 162 photographs from the Olwen Carey Evans Collection. They portray both Lloyd George’s career and family life.

Screen and Sound Archive

(Please see catalogue records for full descriptions)

Digital clip: Angladd David Lloyd George yn Llanystumdwy, Groglith 1945

Catalogue record: Angladd David Lloyd George yn Llanystumdwy, Groglith 1945

  • David Lloyd George’s Funeral.


Digital clip: 1934 Spirits from the Vasty Deep

Catalogue record: 1934 Spirits from the Vasty Deep

  • Footage of a meeting at Brynawelon to discuss the Liberal Party’s ‘New Deal’.


Digital clip: Rotatiller and Caterpillar Tractor, Oct. and Nov. 1938

Catalogue record: Rotatiller and Caterpillar Tractor, Oct. and Nov. 1938

  • Footage taken by A. J. Sylvester of Lloyd George speaking to camera at Bron-y-de
  • The new rotatiller working at Bron-y-de.


Catalogue record: Mr Lloyd George Speaking at Daniel Owen’s Centenary Celebrations at Mold July 30th 1939.

  • Lloyd George standing among blossoming fruit trees on his farm, Bron-y-de
  • David Lloyd George admiring his farm animals at Bron-y-de
  • Lloyd George speaking at Daniel Owen’s centenary celebration
  • David Lloyd George opening Bodlondeb Civic Centre, Conwy
  • The flowerbeds at Bron-y-de in midsummer
  • A family breakfast, possibly abroad
  • Final preparations for the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Caernarfon
  • Lloyd George and Margaret at an unknown outdoor ceremony.


Catalogue record: Criccieth Beach, Aug. 1938

  • The Lloyd George extended family enjoy a picnic near Blaenau Ffestiniog
  • David and Margaret Lloyd George picking apples in the main orchard at Bron-y-de.


Digital clip: David Lloyd George's Golden Wedding Anniversary

Catalogue record: David Lloyd George's Golden Wedding Anniversary

  • Playing golf in Antibes, where David Lloyd George celebrated his Golden Wedding Anniversary with Margaret
  • Celebration dinner at the Cap d’Antibes Hotel to note David Lloyd George and Margaret’s Golden Wedding Anniversary
  • Gathering larches at Bron-y-de, Lloyd George’s farm at Churt, Surrey
  • The family in the garden at Bron-y-de with David Lloyd George; including Gwilym Lloyd George, his wife Edna Gwenfron and their youngest son William
  • The new apiary at Bron-y-de; William, Lloyd George’s grandson inspects the apiary; its honey was sold at Harrods and Fortnum & Mason in London.


Catalogue record: Sheep Shearing, Rhododendrons, Blossom.

  • David Lloyd George, a keen farmer, overseeing the shearing of sheep at Bron-y-de.


Digital clip: Lloyd George with Dogs and Book

Catalogue record: Lloyd George with Dogs and Book

  • David Lloyd George at home with his dogs.


Digital clip: Official Opening of the New Civic Centre Bodlondeb, Conway, by Rt. Hon. D. Lloyd George, OM, MP

Catalogue record: Official Opening of the New Civic Centre Bodlondeb, Conway, by Rt. Hon. D. Lloyd George, OM, MP

  • David Lloyd George opening Bodlondeb Civic Centre, Conwy.


Catalogue record: "Peace Conference" at Lympne

  • David Lloyd George meeting the French Prime Minister at Lympne, Kent during the Hythe Conference, as it was known.


Catalogue record: Llandudno - A Call to Save the World

  • David Lloyd George delivering a speech at Llandudno to the Welsh National Liberal Council.


Catalogue record: Mr Lloyd George's Historic Visit to Birmingham

  • David Lloyd George visits Birmingham to receive the Freedom of the City and an honorary degree.


Catalogue record: Downing St. in Buckinghamshire

  • David Lloyd George’s first visit to Chequers, an Elizabethan mansion in Buckinghamshire; Lord Lee Of Fareham’s gift as an official country residence.


Catalogue record: Searching Germany's Pockets

  • David Lloyd George travelling to post-war talks in France, he crosses the channel by paddle steamer and is greeted by the Mayor of Calais on arrival.


Catalogue record: Prime Minister's Hard Earned Holiday

  • David Lloyd George spends time with his family at his Cricieth home before the international post-war peace conference at San Remo, Italy.


Digital clip: Hepworth Cinema Interviews - I, II and III

Catalogue record: Hepworth Cinema Interviews - I, II and III

  • One of a series of post-war interviews with establishment figures of the day.


Digital clip: Machynlleth, Hen Dref Owain Glyndwr

Catalogue record: Machynlleth, Hen Dref Owain Glyndwr

  • Every year, David Lloyd George would visit the week-long National Eisteddfod of Wales, delivering a speech from the main stage. Thursday, the day of his visit to the cultural festival, was popularly known as ‘Lloyd George Day.’


Digital clip: Nefyn - disgyblion, cymeriadau a Lloyd George

Catalogue record: Nefyn - disgyblion, cymeriadau a Lloyd George

  • David Lloyd George is the centre of interest when he visits the agricultural show at Nefyn.


Catalogue record: Welsh Flag for the Premier

  • The Carnarvon Women’s Association present the Prime Minister with a Welsh flag, in recognition of his efforts to secure the vote for women.


Catalogue record: Farmer Lloyd George and his Robot

  • David Lloyd George speaking to camera and urges the adoption of new farming techniques in order to increase food production and provide more employment opportunities.


Catalogue record: Mr Lloyd George Visits the Plaza Cinema, Cardiff.

  • David Lloyd George visiting Cardiff in 1929 during his general election campaign.


Digital clip: Aberystwyth and Bangor - "Rag", Lloyd George and the Price of Wales

Catalogue record: Aberystwyth and Bangor - "Rag", Lloyd George and the Price of Wales

  • David Lloyd George’s visit to Aberystwyth in July 1922 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the first university in Wales.


Digital clip: Visit of the Rt.Hon. D. Lloyd George, OM, MP to Germany, September 2nd-16th, 1936

Catalogue record: Visit of the Rt.Hon. D. Lloyd George, OM, MP to Germany, September 2nd-16th, 1936

  • During his visit to Germany, David Lloyd George was received by Hitler at his holiday home in the Alps; this clip shows Lloyd George travelling along the new motorway to Munich
  • David, Gwilym and Megan Lloyd George breakfasting together at the Grand Hotel in Brechtesgaden
  • David Lloyd George and Megan go shopping for souvenirs
  • David Lloyd George and Megan visit some local attractions in Brechtesgaden
  • Guests relax on the verandah after lunch hosted by von Ribbentrop, seen seated between David Lloyd George and Thomas Jones
  • Hitler welcoming David Lloyd George and his party to the Berghof, his alpine retreat
  • On the way back to Munich, David Lloyd George and his party stop for lunch at Haus Lambach
  • Broken down car, travelling to Munich for tea with Rudolph Hess
  • David Lloyd George, accompanied by von Ribbentrop, lays a wreath on the war memorial in Munich
  • Exterior of the Nazi Party’s headquarters in Munich.


Digital clip: The Life Story of David Lloyd George

Catalogue record: The Life Story of David Lloyd George

  • Maurice Elvey’s silent biopic, lost for many years, maps out the life of David Lloyd George from childhood to the end of the Great War, using actors and hundreds of extras in studio and evocative location scenes.


Catalogue record: Speech on the Budget (1909)

  • David Lloyd George's speech on the budget.


Catalogue record: Unemployment and the Liberal Party (1929)

  • “We can conquer unemployment”


Catalogue record: Why Should We Not Sing?

  • A speech given by David Lloyd George at the National Eisteddfod in Aberystwyth.

Manuscripts and Archival Material

Lloyd George Manuscripts

Papers, 1886-1968, of the Lloyd George family. The collection is comprised mainly of correspondence, the bulk of which is addressed to David Lloyd George.

Frances Stevenson Family Papers

The collection includes various papers relating to David Lloyd George, specifically between 1912 and 1965.

David Lloyd George letters, 1934-1943

Typewritten letter, 1935, from David Lloyd George to James Reid, editor of the Dumfries Standard, and three letters from A. J. Sylvester, Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister, to the editor.

Lloyd George - Lady Julia Henry correspondence

Correspondence between Lady Julia Henry and David Lloyd George.

Lloyd George letter to his wife

A photocopy of a letter written by Lloyd George to his wife Margaret, 26 August [1921].

David Lloyd George book contracts

Contracts, 1922, relating to the proposed publication of Lloyd George's War Memoirs by Cassell's and purchase by the Sunday Times, including the two principal contracts sealed and signed by the directors of the publishing house and Sir William Berry respectively (but not the author), and ten memoranda for foreign rights, three signed by Lloyd George and one counter-signed by Frances Stevenson.

David Lloyd George photocopies

Photocopy of the acknowledgement card, in Welsh, sent to Margaret Jones, Tremadog, and her husband by David Lloyd George, following his eightieth birthday in January 1943; and to photocopy a photograph of Lloyd George's coffin being carried by the Tŷ Newydd, Llanystumdwy, estate workers in March 1945.

Notes on David Lloyd George

Notes and transcripts, [1968]-[1973], from various volumes and historical works on David Lloyd George, together with some press cuttings.

Papers relating to David and Gwilym Lloyd George

Miscellaneous items, 1859-1967, mainly printed, typescripts and press cuttings, relating to David Lloyd George.

The wizard, the goat and the man who won the war

An archival copy of the script of the play which featured Richard Elfyn as Lloyd George, November 2011- April 2012, together with a programme.

David Lloyd George (Coalition Liberal Organistion) Papers

Papers created and collected by George Scovell, who served as General Secretary of the Coalition Liberal Organisation, which later became the National Liberal Party. The archive mostly relates to the period when Lloyd George was Prime Minister and contains correspondence on party issues, reports on campaigns and the state of party organisation in various parts of the UK as well as a number of daily briefings prepared for Lloyd George on the day’s press. The collection is currently uncatalogued.


Rev. J. T. Rhys (Margaret Lloyd George) Papers

Copies of speeches given by Margaret Lloyd George made at various events including political meetings, charity functions, the opening of schools, exhibitions, bazaars, an unveiling of a war memorial, and the presentation of awards. The collection is currently uncatalogued.


Lord Davies of Llandinam Papers

  • Business correspondence and papers
    Stray letters, including a typescript copy of a letter from D. Lloyd George, 8 March 1919, relating to the need for 'Educational Recreation for the workers'.
  • First World War
    The collection includes a stencilled copy of a letter, 11 December 1916, from Lloyd George to Liberal MPs shortly after assuming the premiership.
  • Lloyd George and Parliament
    These papers include letters from David Davies to Lloyd George encouraging him to resign from the government, and other correspondence.
  • Mission to Russia
    Correspondence and papers relating to David Davies's visit to Russia in January 1917, together with some material on the establishment of the Prime Minister's Secretariat by Lloyd George.
  • War Office memoranda
    The memoranda include a list of recruits for the period January-July 1916 and notes on Lloyd George's proposed visit to France.

Miscellaneous letters and papers

  • David Lloyd George letter
    An autograph letter, 14 June 1898, from D[avid] Lloyd George, House of Commons, to Sidney Robinson, declining an invitation to a meeting the following Friday [17 June] on account of a debate on education funding in Parliament that day.
  • Notes by David Lloyd George
    Manuscript notes in ink and pencil, [1922], in the hand of David Lloyd George, concerning the honours system in Britain. They appear to relate specifically to his statement on the issue in the House of Commons on 17 July 1922, during the 'honours scandal'.
  • Letter to David Lloyd George
    A letter, dated 27 July 1911, from John L. Griffiths, United States Consul-General in London, to David Lloyd George, Chancellor of the Exchequer, thanking him for the seats at the Investiture of Prince Edward (later King Edward VIII and Duke of Windsor) as Prince of Wales at Caernarfon Castle on 13 July 1911.
  • Margaret Lloyd George letter
    Letter, [?27 May 1928], from Margaret Lloyd George, Kensington, to a Mr Lewis, concerning her daughter Megan's selection as the Liberal candidate for Anglesey (f. 51), together with a Christmas card from David and Margaret Lloyd George, Brynawelon, Criccieth, 1927, including a portrait of the couple.
  • NLW MS 24044D, ff. 76-79
    Letter from Lloyd George to Sir Edward Brabrook regarding the National Insurance Bill

W. Llewelyn Williams Papers

  • Letters from David Lloyd George
    Letters to W. Llewelyn Williams from David Lloyd George, 1902-1924, largely concerning political and professional issues.
  • Letters of condolence
    Letters and telegraphs of condolence to Mrs Llewelyn Williams following the death of her husband in April 1922, including letters from David Lloyd George.
  • Diary
    Diary, 1906-1915, kept infrequently but occasionally containing lengthy entries relating to his political work following his election victory in 1906, including references to various Commons debates and his opinions on fellow MP's. The volume also refers to his friendship with David Lloyd George and its subsequent breakdown.

Gareth Vaughan Jones Papers

  • Churt 1931
    Notebook labelled 'Churt 1931' and containing notes on political subjects including unemployment, foreign affairs and the 1931 National Government, prepared while Gareth Jones was in the employ of David Lloyd George as a researcher.
  • Diary of service with Lloyd George
    Contains detailed entries, 31 December 1929-13 November 1930, mainly recounting his experiences while Gareth Jones was a researcher in the employ of David Lloyd George.
  • Letters from USA, Japan, Hong Kong, China, etc.
    The early letters are from Thames House in London while Gareth Jones remained a researcher in the employ of David Lloyd George. These letters describe his work and activities there and the interesting people whom he meets and his trips to various places.
  • Political notes
    Notebook labelled 'LG at Churt', kept while Gareth Jones worked as a researcher in the employ of David Lloyd George, based mainly at his Churt home.
  • Papers concerning Gareth Vaughan Jones
    Contains stray items relating to Gareth Jones, including a photocopy of a very long letter, 27 January 1933, from Gareth Jones to David Lloyd George, shortly after leaving his staff.

Thomas Gee Manuscripts

  • Letters
    Volumes containing around six hundred letters, mainly addressed to Thomas Gee and relating to a variety of subjects particularly in the fields of education, temperance reform, religious movements, and political questions. The principal correspondents include D. Lloyd George, 1896-7.

A. Osmond William press cuttings

  • Letters and press cuttings
    The letters in this collection contain a mixture of congratulations, acknowledgements, routine party business and constituency matters. The correspondents include cabinet ministers, Liberal party supporters and activists in Merioneth, and statesmen including Henry Campbell-Bannerman, 1901, 1903; Lord Rosebery, 1902; H. H. Asquith, 1902; A. J. Balfour, 1902; and David Lloyd George, 1903.

W. Goscombe John Manuscripts

  • Letters to W. Goscombe John
    Fifty-eight letters and cards, 1889-1953, fifty-five of which, 1889-1948, were sent to Sir W. Goscombe John from various correspondents including sculptors, artists, statesmen and politicians, including David Lloyd George (1910).

C. Tawelfryn Thomas Papers

Sir Clough Williams-Ellis Papers

  • Lloyd George Museum
    Letters, copies of replies and papers relating to the building of a new memorial museum for Lloyd George in Llanystumdwy, including letters from Frances, Countess Lloyd George of Dwyfor, 1951, 1957-1963.

Frondirion Manuscripts

  • Miscellanea
    These papers include a galley proof of an article entitled 'Mr. Lloyd George, M.P., and the Goleuad', relating to Disestablishment and the bearing of Mr. Lloyd George's political action on Welsh Liberal policy.

Olwen Carey Evans Papers

  • David Lloyd George
    Family papers, 1880-1990, of Lady Olwen Carey-Evans, comprising her correspondence, notebooks, scrapbooks, and other personal papers, there is a small group of papers, 1898-1970, relating to David Lloyd George.

O. Llew Owain Papers

  • Miscellaneous papers
    Miscellaneous papers, 1856-1939, mostly relating to Caernarvonshire, including typescript copies, with manuscript emendations, of two speeches by David Lloyd George, the first delivered at Caernarfon in June 1930, and the second at Bangor, 17 January 1935.

William George (Solicitor) Papers

E. T. John Papers

  • E. T. John to D. Lloyd George
    Acknowledging Lloyd George's reply re the tax revenues of the four home countries. The finance of federal home rule. Asking Lloyd George to help in ensuring that Wales be treated as an entity in all government returns. Typescript.

Edward Morgan Humphreys Papers

Dr Thomas Jones CH Papers

  • Prime Ministers
    This collection consists of correspondence, memoranda and papers relating to the four Prime Ministers under whom Thomas Jones served, including David Lloyd George.

Thomas Edward Ellis Papers

Sir John Herbert Lewis Papers

W Watkin Davies Papers

Sir John Rhys Papers