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In 1912 Frances Stevenson came to work in the Lloyd George household as a private tutor to Megan. Before long, a close relationship was struck up between her and David Lloyd George, one which was to all purposes another marriage. While Dame Margaret was in Cricieth, Lloyd George found companionship and comfort with Frances. In 1929 Frances had a daughter, Jennifer Mary.

After a period of illness where she injured her hip following a fall, Dame Margaret Lloyd George died on the 20 January 1941. Because of snow drifts David Lloyd George was trapped in Denbighshire and could not be with his wife at the end of her life. This worried him greatly. In her male-only funeral Lloyd George was supported by his sons, Richard and Gwilym. The coffin was taken to be buried on a lorry pulled by sixty five members of the Home Guard.

Two years after the death of Dame Margaret, David Lloyd George married Frances Stevenson. In September 1944 they moved to live at Ty Newydd near Llanystumdwy. He spent the final period of his life in his home village. Admirers were surprised to hear that he had accepted the invitation to be a member of the House of Lords, but on 1 January 1945 he was elevated to the upper house as Earl Lloyd George of Dwyfor.