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After leaving the Premiership and Government Lloyd George attempted to rebuild the Liberal Party. It was in a very sorry state. In the 1923 General Election it won 157 seats, by the October 1924 election it won only 40 seats. Though it re-united, the bitter personal clash between Lloyd George's people and Asquith's people remained, and focused very often on the personal political fund amassed by Lloyd George. Through the 1920s he tried to revive the party by presenting many new policy initiatives. And in the Election of 1929 he campaigned vigorously on these new policies, but only 59 seats were won. By the General Election of 1931 he had lost the support of the majority of the Liberal Party and he was left as the leader of a group of four "family" members - himself, Megan (his daughter), Gwilym (his son) and Goronwy Owen (Gwilym's brother-in-law).