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Other Dictionaries and Grammars available

A dictionary in Englyshe and Welshe : moche necessary to all such Welshemen as wil spedly learne the english togue thought unto the kynges majestie very mete to be sette forthe to the use of his graces subjectes in Wales ; whereunto is pfixed a little treatyse of the Englyshe pronuciacion of the letters

Dosparth byrr ar y rhann gyntaf i ramadeg cymraeg: ḷe cair ḷaụer o bynciau anhepcor i vn a chụennychai na doedyd y gymraeg yn ḍilediaith, nai scrifennu'n iaụn

Dosparth ar yr ail rann i ramadeg a elụir cyfiachydiaeth.

Cambrobrytannicae Cymraecaeve lingvae institvtiones et rvdimenta

Grammatica Britannica

Antiquae linguae Britannicae, nunc vulgo dictae Cambro-britannicae, a suis Cymraecae vel Cambricae, ab aliis Wallicae, et linguae Latinae, dictionarium duplex. Prius Britannico-Latinum, ... posterius, Latino-Britannicum. Accesserunt adagia Britannica

Y geirlyfr Saesneg a Chymraeg; neu'r Saesneg o flaen y Cymraeg = English and Welch dictionary or the English before the Welch

A Welsh grammar. Or, A short and easie introduction to the Welsh tongue

Antiquae linguae Britannicae thesaurus : being a British, or Welsh-English dictionary : containing some thousands of British words more than any Welsh dictionary hitherto published : all the authorities or examples which the learned Dr. Davies gives, in his British-Latin dictionary, from ancient poets, historians, &c. are inserted in this, as they are accurate proofs of the significations assign'd to those words; and the words which are added, are often exemplified in the same manner : and to make this work more compleat, besides the explications and etymologies of words, many valuable British antiquities are interspersed through all the parts of it : to which is prefix'd, a compendious Welsh grammar, with all the rules in English : besides the author's collections from his own reading and observations, and what is contain'd in Dr. Davies's British-Latin dictionary, this work hath been greatly improved out of Mr. Edward Lhwyd's Archaeologia Britannica, Dr. Wotton's Glossary, &c. : and there is likewise addded, a large collection of British proverbs

A new English-Welsh dictionary : containing all words necessary for reading an English author; wherein not only the corresponding British is given to the English, and the various significations properly ranged : but also every English word is accented to prevent a bad pronunciation, ..

An English-Welsh dictionary : wherein, not only the words, but also, the idioms and phraseology of the English language, are carefully translated into Welsh, by proper and equivalen words and phrases : with a regular interspersion of the English proverbs, and proverbial expressions, rendered by corresponding ones in the Welsh tongue

Geiriadur Saesneg a Chymraeg = An English and Welsh dictionary : in which the English words and sometimes idioms and phraseology are accompanied by those which synonomise or correspond with them in the Welsh language

A dictionary of the Welsh language : explained in English : with numerous illustrations, from the literary remains and from the living speech of the Cymry [Vol 1 originally published in 1793, this edition with Vol 2. published 1803 and includes 'A Welsh Grammar' [1803]]

A Welsh-English Dictionary = Geirlyfr Cymraeg a Saesneg

An English and Welch vocabulary, or, An easy guide to the antient British language

An English-Welsh Dictionary; neu, Eirlyfr Saes'neg a Chymraeg

Ieithiadur neu ramadeg Cymraeg

Gramadeg o'r iaith Gymraeg : wedi ei drefnu yn fyr ac eglur, a'i gyfansoddi mewn iaith rwydd, er addysg i bobl ieuaingc, ac ereill

Welsh and English dictionary : geiriadur Cymraeg a Saesoneg; gwedi ei gorpholi yn ofalus o'r geiriadurau mwyaf cynnwysfawr a chymmeradwy; ac wedi ei fwriadu fel llogell-gydymaith i'r ieuenctyd ymofyngar.

Cyneirlyfr: neu, Eiriadur Cymraeg : yn cynnwys, tadogiad geiriau, rheolau barddoniaeth, hanes enwogion Cymru, darluniad byr o wledydd, dinasoedd, treffydd, swyddi, moroedd, llynoedd, afonydd, mynyddoedd, ogofau; hynafiaethau Cymreig, &c. &c. : at yr hyn y chwanegwyd llysieudraith, ynghyd a'r diarebion Cymreig wedi eu hesbonio

An English-Welsh dictionary; neu, Eir-lyfr Saes'neg a Chymraeg : |b an English-Welsh dictionary; in which the English words are accompanied by those which correspond with them in the Welsh language : carefully compiled from the best sources in both languages

Geiriadur Cymreig a Seisonig, a chydymaith i'r Ysgol Sabbathol : yn dri dosparth : yn y sawl yr amlygir ansawdd a gwraidd y Gymraeg

A new pocket dictionary of the Welsh and English languages = Geiriadur llogell Cymreig a Seisonig; yn nghyda geiriadur llysieuol

Gramadeg Cymraeg, sef Ieithiadur athronyddol

Gramadeg Cymreig ymarferol

Geiriadur Cymraeg a Saesoneg, ynghyd a Grammadeg o Iaith y Cymry

Geirlyfr Saesonaeg a Chymraeg = An English and Welsh Dictionary, Also an Analysis of the Orthography of the Welsh Language

An English and Welsh dictionary adapted to the present state of science and literature ; in which the English words are deduced from their originals, and explained by their synonyms in the Welsh language [2 cyfrol, ail cyfrol - 1858]

Gomer : or A brief analysis of the language and knowledge of the ancient Cymry

An English and Welsh pronouncing dictionary : in which the pronunciation is given in Welsh letters = Geiriadur cynaniadol Saesneg a Chymraeg : yn yr hwn y silliadur y geiriau Saesneg a llythyrenau Cymraeg : hefyd, cyfres o enwau priod yr Ysgrythyr, wedi eu silliadu yn Gymraeg

A grammar of the Welsh language, based on the most approved systems : with copious examples from some of the most correct Welsh writers [2nd ed]

Geiriadur Cymreig Cymraeg sef Geiriau Cymraeg yn Cael eu Hegluro yn Gymraeg

Grammadeg Cymraeg

Y Gomeryđ, das ist, Grammatik des Kymraeg oder der Kelto-Wälischen sprache

A Welsh grammar for schools: based on the principles and requirements of the Grammatical Society [ail gyfrol - 1899]

A Welsh Grammar