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O. M. Edwards was a renowned editor, writer, historian and educator. From 1888 onwards he devoted his energy to publishing popular books and journals, especially volumes concerning the history and culture of Wales. From 1896 to 1930 he was a professor of History at Aberystwyth University, however Edwards would continue to write, edit and proof-correct out of his official working times and often in the early hours of the morning. One cannot overestimate his service to Wales, and indeed, Edwards’s influence reached extensively further than the university lecture room. In his volume ‘Cartrefi Cymru’, the author describes his visits to the homes of famous Welshmen and women. Edwards’s historic writing is of a romantic tone and he makes numerous references to nature and the geography of Wales in this volume. Like most of Edwards’s publications, ‘Cartrefi Cymru’ was written for the general reader and its aim was to stimulate their interests in the history and geography of Wales.