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This publication, entitled – 'Yny lhyvyr hwnn' or ‘In this book’ was written by Sir John Prise, a nobleman and secretary of the Council of Wales and the Marches. He was amongst some of the most important Welsh manuscript collectors of his time, after the dissolution of the monasteries. The publication’s main objective was to correct the lack of material, and specifically, the lack of religious material, available in the Welsh language, a fact that endangered its speakers of spiritual privation. In addition, 'Yny lhyvyr hwnn' was a humanist venture and its aim was to put into print the literary heritage of Wales, Prise therefore included an ABC section and the first Welsh printed alphabet in the publication.  A record of English, European and Welsh Saints are also printed, in addition to a monthly forecast for agricultural purposes. The last section of the pamphlet is a comprehensive religious text. These subjects dominated many early Welsh publications. 'Yny lhyvyr hwnn' was printed in London by Edward Whitchurch in 1546.