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Reference: NLW MS 19101E

Record book of the Rev. Tudur Evans containing the names of members and baptisms in Bethel (Gaiman), Bethel (Cwm Hyfryd), Seion (Esquel), Ebenezer, Moriah, Bethel (Tir Halen), Bethlehem (Treorci), Seion (Bryn Gwyn), etc., 1915-1955.

Tudur Evans (1877-1959) was born in Gaiman on December 12, 1877, the son of the Rev. Caerenig Evans and his wife Hannah Harries. His father was a miner until he was 26 years old, when he became a student at Carmarthen Presbyterian College, and then became a minister at Aberdare. He moved to Patagonia with his wife and young family in 1874, and it was under his leadership that the first canal was built. His son Tudur enrolled as a student at Carmarthen Presbyterian College, before moving on to study further at the East London Missionary Training Institute in London. He was ordained to the ministry of the Welsh colony at Patagonia in Carmarthen in September 1910. He settled in the Chubut valley where he ministered until 1920, when he received an invitation to minister in the Andes. He was a minister at Trefelin and Esquel from 1921-1933, before returning to Chubut where he continued to minister until his health failed. He was a poet and won the chair at Trefelin Eisteddfod in 1928. He died on 1 September 1959 at the age of 81.