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Reference: NLW MS 7255E

List of the Colony’s archives, 1865-1878, in the possession of W. Casnodyn Rhys, and names of members of the Colony's Medical Society, for the use of Dr Mihangel ap Iwan, 1889. Lists 274 people giving names, occupation sometimes, names of homes/farms and sometimes where they came from in Wales.

William Casnodyn Rhys (1851-1943) was born on 10 Sept 1851 in Tai Bach, Port Talbot, Wales in 1851. He trained for the ministry at the Baptist college in Pontypool and began his ministry at Pennar Baptist chapel at Pembroke Dock in 1876. In late 1878 he sailed with his wife and young daughter to Patagonia to become the minister of Vron Deg, the new chapel built in Chubut. He made his living farming on land given to him by the Argentine government, and preaching every Sunday in the Baptist church. He gave valuable service to the settlement in general, and was Secretary and Treasurer of the Gaiman Council. After 15 years in Patagonia, he returned to Britain in 1893 and was minister of the Stroud Green Baptist chapel until 1900. He was minister of York Place Baptist chapel, Swansea from 1900 until his retirement in 1929 and died in Swansea in 1941, aged 89.

Mihangel ap Iwan was the youngest son of Michael D. Jones. He graduated as a doctor from University of Edinburgh and emigrated to Patagonia, where he became a doctor in Buenos Aires.