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Reference: NLW MS 8783-8784C

Notes, reports and cash statements of W. J. Parry on his visits to Buenos Aires and Chubut on behalf of the Directors of the Welsh Patagonian Gold Fields Syndicate Ltd, 1893-1894.

During the early 1890s Edwin C. Roberts led a journey from the Welsh settlement towards the Andes to search for gold and after five months they returned from the Chubut Valley to share the exciting news of the discovery of gold and a plan to establish a gold-mining company. The ‘Welsh Patagonian Gold Fields Syndicate Ltd’ was formed on 11 November 1892. David Lloyd George was one of the four directors and many prominent Welshmen were shareholders in the company.

William John Parry (1842-1927) was a trade union leader, business man, and accountant. He made two voyages to Patagonia, from October 1893 to February 1894 and from March to September 1894, on behalf of the Welsh Patagonian Gold Fields Syndicate, of which he was a shareholder, to "endeavour to settle certain disputes and secure the titles". He kept a diary of his travels recording the people he meet, what he heard and the personal and financial problems of the Syndicate. Gwynedd Archives Service also have a diary (M/1311/18) which records his efforts to rescue the property of the company.

A special general meeting held on 23 November 1894 decided that the company could not continue because of its liabilities.