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Poetry by Dafydd ap Gwilym

Reference: Llanstephan MS 6A

A manuscript containing poetry by Dafydd ap Gwilym, Tudur Aled, Iolo Goch and other poets mostly of the second half of the 15th century. On p. 247 Huw Cae Llwyd has written: 'oydran jesy n dyrnasol / py ragor pymp ar higain / pymthec cant rifant y rain', which would date the manuscript at hardly earlier than 1525. The style of the writing points to an earlier period, and the orthographical habit of writing - for example, 'kaid' to rhyme with 'eneid' (see p.73) - belongs to the second half, if not the last quarter, of the 15th century (compare Llanstephan MS 7 and Peniarth MS 70). A detailed list of the manuscript's contents may be found in J. Gwenogvryn Evans, Report on Manuscripts in the Welsh Language, Vol. II, Part II (London, 1903), pp. 428-433.