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Gwaith yr hen feirdd Cymreig

Reference: NLW MS 3049D

A collection of awdlau and cywyddau, including a substantial section of poems ascribed to Guto'r Glyn (pp. 151-300) and Dafydd ap Gwilym (pp. 355-379). The manuscript also includes a copy of Chaucer's Treatise on the Astrolabe (pp. 87-100). Gwenogvryn Evans states that pp. 1-22, 335-406 and 410-33 are written in an archaic style in the early part of the 17th century, while pp. 23-85, 101-33 and 151-303 belong to the last quarter of the 16th century. Other parts of the manuscript are later additions, except the vellum leaf (pp. 305-6). The manuscript bears the names John Rogers (p. 3), Thomas Owen (p. 236), Thomas Edwards 'of the parish of yfion Llanrwst' (p. 307), Robert Williams (pp. 462, 509), and John Davies (p. 508).

A detailed list of the manuscript's contents may be found in J. Gwenogvryn Evans, Report on Manuscripts in the Welsh Language, Vol. I (London, 1898-1905), pp. 168-179.