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This category contains a number of interesting maps including a map in Welsh of the Middle East combining information about the ongoing war with historical information from the Bible; War maps issued by an Aberystwyth clothing shop; a cartoon map showing European powers as various breeds of dog and a map-based board game produced for the use of soldiers in the trenches, with bullets to be used as pieces.

Other maps

Aa 1531: The "South Africa" map of central & South Africa

Aa 1546: The "South Africa" map of South Africa

MAP 4553: What Germany coverts map showing the German schemes of Central Europe & Central Africa

MAP 4554: What Germany coverts map showing the German schemes of Central Europe and Central Africa

MAP 4409: Trade and industrial map of the world on Mercator's projection showing the location of production of the world's primary products

MAP 4707: Map y rhyfel yng ngwledydd y Beibl yn dangos safle a symudiadau y gwahanol fyddinoedd yn eu perthynas a theiliau hanesyddol y Beibl

C1 (145): "Birmingham Gazette" war map

C1 (142): Bradleys second war map up-to-date

C1 (142A): Bradleys third war map up-to-date

C1 (152): The Daily Express large print map

C1:8 (5): Serbien und Mazedonien mit den nachbergebieten

Aa 1354: Clark's European war map

Aa 1071: The Daily Chronicle war map of Europe

Aa 1074: The Daily Chronicle new sectional war map of Europe

Aa 988: Land & Water map of the war & how to use it

C1 (144): Gall & Inglis' map of Central Europe

D30:3 (5): The "Strand" coloured detail map of the Dardanelles

C1:8 (7): The "Strand" coloured detail map of the Balkan States

D500 1630: Gill's war map

C1 (147): Crawford's war map no. 2

C1 (148): Black Cat war map of Europe

MAP 4562: The Daily News map of the British Front

MAP 10852: News of the World war map of Europe and the adjacent fighting zones

MAP 4566: The Times history of the war Part LXV: Map of the eastern front

MAP 4567: The Times history of the war Part 117 the German positions and trenches from Thiepval to Combles

C1 (143): War map of Central Europe

C1:6 (20): The Western war area : The Seine Basin, Belgium…

C1 (156): Central Europe

Ab 1535: The national review map of the western front

C2:18 (1): Strategical map of the North Sea and adjacent countries

C21:2 (7): The British line in Flanders

C1 (141): Patriotic war map game, capture of Berlin

Aa 1057: Large scale war map showing scene of operations by the allied armies

Aa 1696: Large scale map of the Dardanelles

C1 (146): "The Graphic" war map

C1 (149): The Regiment war map and large scale map of Belgium

C1 (149A): The Regiment war map and large scale map of France & Belgium

Dunraven Rolled Map 9: Scarborough's map of the World shewing countries and their colonies, principal transportation lines etc

B1:10 (4): Subject nationalities of the German Alliance

B1:11 (1): What Germany wants

C1 (140): Hark! Hark! The dogs do bark!

MAP 4563: General map showing European frontiers, 1914