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Even before war broke out the British Government and Military were producing maps, not only of their own territory, but also that of their allies and potential enemies. The standard of these maps varied depending upon the information available. The Gallipoli campaign is notorious for the poor quality of the maps produced, with some of the information dating from the days of the Crimean War.

There are examples of a number of different types of map in our collection, firstly are the general planning maps, usually at a relatively small scale, secondly are the more detailed maps for use in the field and finally are the actual trench maps, usually showing the British front line and the enemy trenches as known to the British.

Other maps include those made to assist with the post-war rebuilding of Europe and maps made to record the history of the conflict.

In addition to the British maps there are also a number of maps produced by foreign governments, including some captured from the Germans.