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This section contains maps produced either by the British military or other parts of the Government. Some were produced for use in specific operations, such as the map of Montauban which was made and used for artillery spotting in the trenches during the Battle of the Somme. Other maps were designed for use in planning and administration, such as the map of France showing headquarters of army corps.

Other maps date from after the war, such as the language map of Prussian Poland, used in the post war redrawing of borders, or the map of the Third Battle of Gaza in 1917, produced as part of the official history of the war in the 1920s.

Perhaps the most poignant item is the map of the Trawsfynydd artillery range, which shows Yr Ysgwrn, home of the poet Hedd Wyn.

Individual British Official/Military maps

Aa 1006: Western Theatre of war

C21 (106): Map of France showing headquarters of army corps

C25:23 (2): Sec from airphotos to 25.3.18 & reports

Cilgwyn 59: Aski Baghdad and Hawi Plain

D26:7 (1): Third battle of Gaza, 1917

D29:3 (1): Operations of Chaytor's Force 20th-29th September, 1918

Freer Collection (1999) 2: Hastings artillery training

MAP 4013: Trawsfynydd artillery training

MAP 4407: Map of the world on Mercator's projection showing the British Empire

Penralley 984a: Trench map of Mametz Wood, south of Bazentin-le-Petit, France

D30:3 (1): Map of the Gallipoli Peninsula

D30:3 (2): Map of the Peninsula of Gallipoli and the Asiatic Shore of the Dardanelles

D30:3 (3): Map of the ANZAC position, Gallipoli to illustrate Sir Ian Hamilton's despatch of December 11th, 1915

D30:3 (4): Plan of S.W. end of Gallipoli Peninsula

D1:9 (11): Sketch map to shew approximately railways and railway projects and navigation concessions in Asiatic Turkey

D1:9 (12): Map of Eastern Turkey in Asia, Syria and Western Persia (Ethnographical)

C28 (102): Belgium and North East France

C31 (102): Language map of Prussian Poland

C41 (101): Map of the Island of Malta

C42 (103): Straits of Gibraltar

C21:2 (3): British battles of 1918

C1:6 (17): Western theatre of war

C21:36 (3): British defences of Hill 70, Vimy Ridge & Arras

C21:2 (4): Combined map of part of Belgium & France

C40:135 (1): Map of the country around Vladivostok

E1 (121): Political map of Africa

E1 (121A): Political map of Africa

E1 (121B): Map of Africa to illustrate the progress of surveys and exploration

C31 (104): Eastern frontier of Germany

C1 (158): Ethnographical map of Central & South Eastern Europe

C1:6 (21): Skeleton map of Western Europe

C21:36 (1): First Army area

C21:36 (2): [Trench map]

C21:39 (1) Montauban

C21:39 (2): Map of the Somme area

C21:36 (6): Hendecourt

C21:36 (7): Maroeuil