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This collection of watercolours illustrates views in north Wales. Ingleby's achievement is best seen in his little townscapes where his eye for detail often gives us unique records of urban life in the north. His pictures are characteristically evenly coloured in a light transparent watercolour.

John Ingleby (1749-1808)

John Ingleby was a native of Halkin in Flintshire. He was a topographical artist who specialised in producing small watercolour views which were ideal as illustrations for the antiquarian studies of Thomas Pennant (1726-1798). He died in 1808 in his home village and the church records note his profession as a limner. Limner was a title given to craftsmen who worked on a small scale, perhaps involved with miniatures, and denotes an artist craftsman established in his reputation.

Working for Thomas Pennant

Thomas Pennant, an energetic innovator, employed Ingleby on a commission basis to copy certain images. He worked mainly on small commissions such as copying coats of arms. There is documentary evidence testifying to Pennant appreciating Ingleby's artistic ability from 1780. However, at present, extant dated works begin in 1794 which was quite late in Pennant's career, and there may well be a quantity of early work yet to come into the care of public collections.

Ingleby was paid per drawing, a system which had been in place for employing craftsmen over many centuries. This was common practice amongst artists who worked on monuments, wall paintings and official documents and banners. The artist would be given a fee based upon the quantity of his work not the quality or subject. This stands as an interesting contrast to the terms of employment of his contemporary and colleague, Moses Griffith (1747-1819), who was also under the patronage of Pennant but was employed full-time as an artist and given considerable status and freedom.


Ingleby was an example of an artist whose career was solely determined by the local population. He did not exhibit his work, but rather undertook the commissions as would a craftsman, completing the task according to instructions.

Further reading

  • Paul Joyner. Artists in Wales c.1740-c.1851. Aberystwyth : National Library of Wales, 1997.


Aber Waterfall Reference: PD9084

Bryn Tyrion looking up ; Bryn Tyrion looking down, near Skiviog Reference: PD9086

Conway from above the Ferry Reference: PD9089

Conway, from the Talycafn road Reference: PD9090

Conway Castle from the e[ast] Reference: PD9091

View near Tal y cafn, looking towards Llanrwst Reference: PD9093

Bryn Euryn, & distant view of Penmon Rhos Reference: PD9097

View from Cefn Ucha Reference: PD9099

View near Cefn-ogo Reference: PD9100

Chirk Church, aquaduct & castle, Denbighshire Reference: PD9102

Part of the aquaduct at Chirk Reference: PD9103

View in Erddig grounds Reference: PD9107

Holt Bridge ; Farn., Holt Reference: PD9109

Tommen y Vardra & cave, Llanarmon Reference: PD9113

Inside of the cave, Llanarmon Reference: PD9114

Llangollen, Castle Dinas Bran Reference: PD9119

Llangollen, from ye Corwen road Reference: PD9120

View near Llangollen, Denbighshire Reference: PD9121

View of Llandysilio & Castell Dinas Brân Reference: PD9125

View on the River Dee near Llandysilio Reference: PD9126

Llyn-y-Pandy, or, The Black Valley Reference: PD9128

View from Llyn-y-pandy Reference: PD9129

View from the Loggerheads Reference: PD9130

Pistil-y-Rhaidr Reference: PD9132

Pistyl-y-Rhaidr Reference: PD9133

New bridge & aquaduct, Rhiwabon Reference: PD9136

Aquaduct near Rhiwabon, Denbighshire Reference: PD9137

South aspect of Caergwrle Castle Reference: PD9141

Moel y Gaer Reference: PD9146

Mold Reference: PD9147

The cotton factory near Mold Reference: PD9148

Pen-y-Vron Reference: PD9150

Hendom, or, the Mount of Owen Glendwr near Corwen on the Dee Reference: PD9154

Hengwst [sic.] Reference: PD9155

Llansanfraid Bridge, Glyndwrdwy Reference: PD9157

Stymlin Reference: PD9159

Abernavas church & hall Reference: PD9160

Abervechan Reference: PD9161

Abervechan Reference: PD9162

Berrew Reference: PD9163

Breydden Hills, Rodney's Pillar and Belin Mount Reference: PD9166

Breyden Hills from Llanymynach and Rodney's Pillar Reference: PD9167

Garth Reference: PD9170

Llanafryn Reference: PD9175

Llandinam and Gwernwr Hills Reference: PD9176

Llandreinio Reference: PD9178

Llandreinio Bridge and Rodney's Pillar Reference: PD9179

Llandysilio and Llanymynach rocks Reference: PD9181

Llanllwchuarn Reference: PD9185

Llanllwchuarn Reference: PD9186

Llanwynog near Newtown Reference: PD9188

Llwyn Reference: PD9189

Vale of Meivod Reference: PD9192

Moel-du-mawr Reference: PD9193

Trenewyd, or, New Town Reference: PD9197

Trenewydd, or, Newtown Hall Reference: PD9198

Powis Castle Reference: PD9202

Vaynor Reference: PD9204

Welch Pool Reference: PD9206

View of the River Dee with Eccleston Church and distant view of Chester Reference: PD9210

View in the footway between Eaton and Eccleston from the banks of the Dee Reference: PD9211

View from Eccleston Hill of Chester &c. Reference: PD9212

Lower Berwick Reference: PD9223

Blodwell Hall Reference: PD9226

Llanymynach Reference: PD9231

New bridge near Llanymynach over the Vyrnyw Reference: PD9232

Montford Reference: PD9235

Montford Bridge Reference: PD9236

Routon Reference: PD9240

View of the Severn & Isle of Up Rossal and distant view of Shrewsbury Reference: PD9241

View of the River Severn Reference: PD9242

Sh[r]awardine Reference: PD9243

View of Shrewsbury from the new bridge Reference: PD9244

View between Fittes & Shrewsbury Reference: PD9250

Buildings, Monuments and Churches

Lord Boston's the old front. Llanidan Church Reference: PD9083

Tower of Bryniau Reference: PD9085

Old chapel in Caernarvon town Reference: PD9087

Cefn Amwlch Reference: PD9088

The upper gate, Conway Reference: PD9092

Berse Chapel Reference: PD9094

Brombo House Reference: PD9095

Bryn Euryn Reference: PD9096

Cefn, a new house near Wrexham (belonging to Roger Kenyon Esq ?) Reference: PD9098

Chirk Reference: PD9101

Croesnewydd near Wrexham S.E. view property of Ellice Esq. Reference: PD9104

Ecclusham Above, the property of Ellames Esq. near Wrexham Reference: PD9105

Ecclusham Below Reference: PD9106

Plas Gronow Reference: PD9108

Kinmael Reference: PD9110

Kinmael Reference: PD9111

Old Kinmael Reference: PD9112

Llandrillo Church Reference: PD9115

Lland-Dyrnogh church and churchyard Reference: PD9116

Llangedwyn Reference: PD9117

Llangedwyn Reference: PD9118

Vron Ynys & Llangwifan Church ; Plas Llangwifan Reference: PD9122

Plas yn Llan and Llan Gynhafel Church ; Plas yn Rhos, property of Wynne Esq, near Ruthin Reference: PD9123

Llan-san-shore, or, Church of St. George and rectory Reference: PD9124

Maes y Coed ; Llan Bychan Church Reference: PD9127

Pentre Eychan Reference: PD9131

Plas yn Yale, seat of the Yale's Reference: PD9134

Rhiwabon Reference: PD9135

Sontly Reference: PD9138

Mount in Wrexham ; Mrs Yales in Mount Street Wrexham Reference: PD9139

Wynne Stay, seat of S[i]r Watkins Williams Wynne Reference: PD9140

[Althrey Hall] Reference: PD9141a

Mrs Williams monument Reference: PD9142 (front)

Mrs Williams monument Reference: PD9142 (back)

Crucifiction found in the wall of the old church at Halkin Reference: PD9143

Sir Thomas Hanmer's monument, Hanmer Chapel Reference: PD9144

Llai, near Hope Reference: PD9145

The stone under this arch called Carreg Carn March Arthur Reference: PD9149

Plas Mostyn Reference: PD9151

Effigy of a warrior Reference: PD9152

Harlech Castle from the town Reference: PD9153

Llansanfraid Glyndwrdwy Reference: PD9156

Prison of Owen Glendwr Reference: PD9158

Bettws Reference: PD9164

Mural brass of a priest in Bettws Church Reference: PD9165 (front)

Mural brass of a priest in Bettws Church (Inscription) Reference: PD9165 (back)

Bryn-Gwynn Reference: PD9168

Castell Caerenion Reference: PD9169

Gillesfield near Welch Pool Reference: PD9171

Limor Lodge Reference: PD9172

Limor Lodge Reference: PD9173

Limor Lodge east aspect Reference: PD9174

Llandinam Reference: PD9177

Llandreinio Hall Reference: PD9180

Llanvechan Reference: PD9182

Llangyniw Reference: PD9183

Llangynog Reference: PD9184

Llanrhaiadr-ym-Moch'nant Reference: PD9187

Llwydiarth Reference: PD9190

Meivod Reference: PD9191

Montgomery castle & church Reference: PD9194

Monument of Richard Herbert in Montgomery Church Reference: PD9195 (front)

Nantcribba Reference: PD9196

Park Reference: PD9199

St. Monacella, or, Pennant Melangel Church Reference: PD9200

Shrine of St. Monacella in Pennant Melangel Church Reference: PD9201

Powis Castle Reference: PD9203

Vaynor Reference: PD9205

Golden chalice in Welch Pool Church Reference: PD9207

Anchoritage in St. John's Church yard, Chester; Remains of the monastery in St John's Church yard. Reference: PD9208

Doddleston Church Reference: PD9209

Farn Reference: PD9213

Grafton Hall Reference: PD9214

Halton Reference: PD9215

Oldford, Cheshire Reference: PD9216

Willington Cross Reference: PD9217

The abbots house at Alberbury Reference: PD9218

Monument of Richard Lister Esq. of Routon Reference: PD9219 (front)

[Inscription on the monument of Richard Lister Esq. of Routon] Reference: PD9219 (back)

Monument of -- Lister Esq, of Routon Reference: PD9220 (front)

Aston Reference: PD9221

Upper Berwick Reference: PD9222

Chapel at Lower Berwick Reference: PD9224

Birch Reference: PD9225

Chirbury Reference: PD9227

Chirton Hall Reference: PD9228

Dintle Reference: PD9229

Dongay Reference: PD9230

Loton Hall Reference: PD9233

Loton Hall Reference: PD9234

Onslo Reference: PD9237

Park Reference: PD9238

Red Hall Reference: PD9239

Town Hall Shrewsbury and the Old Market House Reference: PD9245

New goal at Shrewsbury Reference: PD9246

St. Chad's new church, Shrewsbury Reference: PD9247

Monument of Richard Onslow in old St. Chad's Church Reference: PD9248

Sepulchral stones Reference: PD9249

Wattleburgh Castle Reference: PD9251

Whittington church and castle Reference: PD9252

Statue of a boy from Herculaneum Reference: PD9253

Monument of Richard Herbert in Montgomery Church Reference: PD9195 (back)