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This resource compares Welsh folk dance (Dawnsio Gwerin) with Portuguese Folk Dancing (Rancho). The template in the Powerpoint can be reused to compare any dances. Researching different dances can include learning about traditional instruments and costumes. After exploring both dances, general discussions could be held around similarities and differences between Wales and the  other nation/culture.

Questions to discuss

To aid the process of analysing and comparing both dances, focus on the aspects below individually before considering the dance as a whole.

  • Costume – colours, different gender costumes, hats, etc.
  • Music – instruments, singing
  • Dance – steps, body shape, patterns


  • Compare - The Powerpoint presentation that is provided as a part of this learning pack is an example of how to discuss and compare two different folk dances. The presentation can be adapted to the dances of your choice.
  • Perform the dances. Follow the instructions provided by Dawnsio Gwerin ( to learn Welsh Folk Dancing

Learning experiences

(derived from the statements of what matters)

Expressive Arts
  • Representing personal, social and cultural identities
  • Performing
  • Exploring purpose and meaning
  • Social and cultural importance
  • Identity
  • Social similarities and differentiation
Health and Well-being
  • Movements

Learning resources

Comparing Welsh Folk Dancing (Dawnsio Gwerin) with Portuguese Folk Dancing (Rancho)

Digital Exhibition

The Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod is a music festival that takes place annually in Llangollen, North Wales. It features competitions for singers and dancers from around the world.

More information

Case study

The Communities of Wales project has supported Ysgol Bodhyfryd to increase an understanding of communities in their cynefin. They began a partnership with a Portuguese language group in their local area called Bom Dia Cymru, CLPW. The learners performed the Welsh folk dance (Dawnsio Gwerin) to Bom Dia Cymru and this was a starting point to go on to do several tasks with each other. Which included:

  • Comparing the Welsh and Portuguese folk dances
  • Question and answer session
  • Creating a piece of art together
  • A trip to The National Library of Wales together

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