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The designs of Lewis Morris and William Morris helped sailors sail ships safely along the coast of Wales. Creating nautical charts in the 18th century wasn't easy, the work of mapping the coast, done almost entirely without official support, was innovative. Information about currents, anchor points, dry banks, rocks and other navigational hazards and aids can be found on these maps. These maps can be used to support the teaching of numeracy especially elements of position and angle.

More information

Questions to discuss

  • What kind of information is on nautical charts?
  • Why were nautical charts so important in the 18th century?
  • How would using a scale and an understanding of angles help to read the chart?


  • Look at nautical charts from the 18th century.
  • Measure different heights in fathoms.
  • Describe where the anchor points are on the charts using angles and scale.

Learning experiences

(derived from the statements of what matters)

  • Understanding the past
  • Contribution to society
  • Human impact on the world
  • Geographical features
Mathematics and Numeracy
  • Measuring
  • Angles

Here we have a selection of charts by Lewis Morris (1701-1765).