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NLW Data is an NLW Research initiative that provides access to digital collections held by NLW using methods other than the traditional catalogue or library websites.

List of Datasets

What is NLW Data?

Library users are familiar with gaining access to NLW collections online via the Catalogue and digital collections websites such as Welsh Newspapers Online.  NLW Data is an NLW Research initiative that intends to provide access to digital collections by NLW using methods other than traditional search boxes, allowing users to do more with the data.  In addition it will be a way to provide access to data that is not available via other means.

Who can use NLW Data?

Everybody!  In practice, to be able to handle the datasets some technical knowledge will be required. The amount of knowledge required will be dependent, to some extent, upon the structure and type of data, but the main factor is likely to be the delivery method. For example a researcher may be able to download a CSV file from the website and load it into his own analysis software but may struggle to use an API.

Will I still be able access collections via the Library Catalogue?

This service is not designed to replace existing NLW services but to complement what is already offered via conventional interfaces such as the Online Catalogue.

Which collections will be available via NLW Data?

In the future we foresee many different types of collections being added to NLW Data.  We will be concentrating on datasets that are not currently available via other means.