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  1. Finian Bannon, Caerleon Comprehensive School, 15 years old
  2. Danny Gwilian, Abertillery Comprehensive School, 12 years old
  3. Steffan Rhys Nicholas, Ysgol Gymraeg Aberystwyth, 10 years old

Well done to everyone who competed, the judges were very impressed with the effort and skill showcased in the competition.

Minecraft Challenge


To re-create The National Library of Wales building in Aberystwyth as accurately as possible.  Use the Digital Build Challenge pack to re-create The National Library of Wales building in Minecraft or with any other program.

How to re-create the Library

Download this file to assist you.  It includes building plans, various photographs and a video. You can use these as a guide to what the building should look like when creating your own Minecraft version..

The National Library of Wales: Digital Build Challenge