Geoff Charles, Photojournalist

How the images were digitised

Original, master file captured in uncompressed TIFF format. Minimal tonal adjustments using levels and curves in PhotoShop. Master files archived as pc format TIFFS.

On-screen display files resized and adjusted for viewing on gamma 2.2 monitors in PhotoShop and saved in JPEG format.

8 negatives were scanned simultaneously on a Heidelberg Nexscan F4100 capture device using Linocolor v6.0.4 software.

Filter settings: light contour-0.5, dark contour-0.5, smoothness-0.6, contour width-1.0, scan spot size-4.0.

Target resolution for hi-res capture was 300dpi at a factor of 450% resulting in +/- 6000 x 5000 pixels; screen res:+/- 600 x 500 pixels at 72dpi; screen-res and thumbnail copies use jpeg compression at setting 7 in Adobe Photoshop v6.0; 8 bit grayscale; hi-res TIFFs Gray Gamma 1.8 icc profile embedded.