Welsh Landscape - How The Images Were Digitised

Original, archive files were captured in uncompressed TIFF format. These files were archived as pc format TIFFs.

Cropping, image size, unsharp masking, gamma correction and compression settings for display files were made using Adobe Photoshop v6.0.1 and Abobe Imageready v3.

The files were captured from the original material on a Heidelberg Nexscan F4100 capture device using Linocolor v6.0.4 software. Black and White points were set from GretagMacbeth colour chart.

Colour managment for archival files in AppleRGB, and for display files in sRGB, using Apple Colorsync.

Target resolution for archival file capture was 300dpi at original size. In some cases this was increased to avoid moiré effect; derived display file copies use JPG compression at approx 35%.