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Welsh Newspapers Online is a free online resource from the National Library of Wales where you can discover millions of articles from the Library’s rich collection of historical newspapers.

Welsh Newspapers Online currently lets you search and access over 1,100,000 pages from nearly 120 newspaper publications generally up to 1910. This resource also includes newspaper content that has been digitised by The Welsh Experience of World War One project.

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History of newspaper publishing in Wales

Newspaper publishing came late to Wales compared to the rest of the UK and the first printing press was established in 1718. Wales experienced radical social change during the first half of the 19th century and newspaper publishing was a response to the nation’s increasing political awareness, increasing population and the rich industrial economy.

The first newspaper to be published in Wales was The Cambrian, in Swansea in 1804. Swansea at that time was beginning to develop into a busy commercial and industrial town, with the communications infrastructure that was necessary for the distribution of the newspaper to the minority of English speakers and readers in the principal towns of South Wales. North Wales followed soon afterwards with its first weekly, The North Wales Gazette, established in Bangor in 1808 by the Broster family of Chester. Two years later The Carmarthen Journal was to appear, which sought its readership in west Wales.

The first Welsh language weekly to be published was Seren Gomer, founded by Joseph Harris in 1814. Unlike the others already mentioned, Seren Gomer saw itself as a national newspaper, which sought to serve the whole of Wales and strengthen the Welsh language.

The first daily newspaper to be published in Wales was The Cambrian Daily Leader (1861) but it was the Western Mail (1869) that was to become Wales’ foremost daily newspaper and it continues as such today.

How did we digitise the original newspapers?

The scanning of the collection was undertaken at the National Library of Wales following investment in a new digitisation studio, specialist scanning units and workflow management tools to provide the capacity for a team of dedicated staff to prepare and scan each page.

The preparation team recorded the issue dates and page numbers (metadata) before they were passed on to the digitisation team for scanning. The condition and quality of the volumes vary greatly and in some cases conservation work was undertaken before fragile and damaged pages were scanned.

The digital scans, essentially ‘digital photographs’ of the pages, were subsequently processed with specialist Optical Character Recognition software to render the text searchable and a separate semi-automated process identified the different articles on the page.

All digital files will be safeguarded in perpetuity in the National Library of Wales's robust digital asset management system which has been significantly extended to provide the optimal storage capacity for this collection.

Newspaper publications

Welsh Newspapers Online will continue to grow in the future. Please note that the digital collection reflects the physical holdings of the National Library of Wales and not all newspaper issues for the years specified will be available.

Newspaper Indicative Years Availability
Aberdare Leader 1902-1910; 1913-1919 Available
Aberdare Times 1861-1902 Available
Abergavenny Chronicle 1909-1910; 1914-1919 Available
Abergavenny Mail 1914 Available
Aberystwyth Observer 1858-1861; 1864-1900; 1902-1910 Available
Aberystwyth Times 1868-1870 Available
Aberystwyth Visitor's List and Guide 1887 Available
Adsain 1906; 1914-1919 Available
Amman Valley Chronicle 1913-1919 Available
Amserau 1846-59 Available
Baner ac Amserau Cymru 1857-1910; 1914-1919 Available
Barmouth and County Advertiser 1914-1917 Available
Barry Dock News 1889-1910; 1914-1918 Available
Barry Herald 1896-1910 Available
Brecon and Radnor Express 1914-1918 Available
Brecon County Times 1866-1869; 1900; 1905-1910; 1913-1919 Available
Brecon Reporter 1865-1867 Available
Brython (Lerpwl) 1914-1919 Available
Brython Cymreig 1892-1901; 1906-1910 Available
Caernarvon and Denbigh Herald 1836-1910 Available
Cambrian Daily Leader 1913; 1914-1918; 1919 Available
Cambrian 1804-1860; 1870-1910 Available
Cambrian News 1860-1910; 1914-1919 Available
Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian 1845-1874 Available
Cardiff Times 1858-1910 Available
Cardigan Bay Visitor 1887-1905 Available
Cardigan Observer 1878-1897 Available
Carmarthen Journal 1810-1812; 1828-1831; 1889-1893; 1901-1910; 1913-1919 Available
Carmarthen Weekly Reporter 1860-1910; 1913-1919 Available
Celt 1878-1879; 1881-1906 Available
Cheshire Observer 1901-1908 Available
Chester Courant 1897-1908 Available
Clorianydd 1897-1907; 1909-1910; 1914-1919 Available
Colwyn Bay & North Wales Weekly News 1892; 1894-1907 Available
County Echo [Pembrokeshire] 1893-1896; 1901-1910 Available
County Observer and Monmouthshire Central Advertiser 1867-1878; 1881-1884; 1899-1908 Available
Cymro a'r Celt Llundain 1907-1910 Available
Cymro [Lerpwl a'r Wyddgrug] 1890-1907; 1914-1919 Available
Darian 1914-1919 Available
Demetian Mirror 1840 Available
Denbighshire Free Press 1882-1910; 1914-1919 Available
Dinesydd Cymreig 1914-1919 Available
Drafod 1913-1919 Available
Drych 1875-1878; 1881-1900; 1914-1919 Available
Dydd 1868-1870; 1872-1890; 1892-1910; 1914-1919 Available
Evening Express 1891-1899; 1900-1910 Available
Flintshire Observer 1864-1900; 1907-1910; 1913-1915 Available
Genedl 1914-1917 Available
Genedl Gymreig 1877-1900 Available
Glamorgan Free Press 1897-1899 Available
Glamorgan Gazette 1894-1895; 1906-1910; 1914-1919 Available
Glamorgan, Monmouth and Brecon Gazette 1832-1843 Available
Goleuad 1869-1910; 1914-1919 Available
Gwalia 1883; 1897-1910 Available
Gwladgarwr 1858-1882 Available
Gwyliedydd 1877-1908 Available
Gwyliedydd Newydd 1910; 1914-1919 Available
Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph 1857-1910; 1914-1919 Available
Herald Cymraeg 1901-1910; 1914-1919 Available
Herald of Wales and Monmouthshire Recorder 1897; 1914-1919 Available
Illustrated Usk Observer 1855-1866 Available
Llais y Wlad 1874-1884 Available
Llais Llafur 1914-1919 Available
Llan 1881-1910; 1913-1919 Available
Llandudno Advertiser and List of Visitors 1896-1910 Available
Llanelly Mercury 1897; 1909-1910 Available
Llanelly Star 1910; 1914-1919 Available
Llangollen Advertiser 1868-1873; 1875-1903; 1905-1908; 1909-1910; 1914-1919 Available
London Kelt - Celt Llundain 1895-1904 Available
London Welshman - Cymro Llundain 1904-1906 Available
Merthyr Express 1864-1869; 1909-1910 Available
Merthyr Pioneer 1914-1919 Available
Merthyr Telegraph 1855-1881 Available
Merthyr Times 1895-1897 Available
Monmouth Guardian 1914-1919 Available
Monmouthshire Merlin 1829-1884 Available
Montgomery County Times 1893-1900 Available
Montgomeryshire Express and Radnor Times 1892-1908 Available
Negesydd 1895-1909 Available
North Wales Chronicle 1827-1900; 1914-1919 Available
North Wales Express 1878-1910 Available
North Wales Gazette 1808-1816; 1823-1825 Available
North Wales Times 1897-1900 Available
North Wales Weekly News 1909-1910 Available
Papur Pawb 1893-1904; 1909-1910 Available
Pembroke County Guardian 1898-1910 Available
Pembrokeshire Herald 1844-1891; 1901-1910 Available
Penarth Chronicle 1895 Available
Pontypool Free Press 1859-1869; 1872-1893 Available
Pontypridd Chronicle 1881-1883; 1886-1905 Available
Potter's Electric News 1859-1868 Available
Prestatyn Weekly 1905-1910 Available
Principality 1848-1850 Available
Rhedegydd 1878-1879; 1886; 1889; 1893-1910 Available
Rhondda Leader 1899-1910 Available
Rhos Herald 1909-1910 Available
Rhyl Advertiser 1878-1887; 1893 Available
Rhyl Journal 1889-1910 Available
Rhyl Record and Advertiser 1888-1910 Available
Seren Cymru 1851-1852; 1856-1857; 1860-1910; 1913; 1914-1919 Available
Seren Gomer 1814-1815 Available
South Wales Daily News 1872-1900 Available
South Wales Daily Post 1893-1900; 1910 Available
South Wales Echo 1880-1882; 1885-1900 Available
South Wales Star 1891-1894 Available
South Wales Weekly Post 1914-1919 Available
Swansea Gazette and Daily Shipping Register 1909-1910 Available
Tarian y Gweithiwr 1875-1910 Available
Tenby Observer 1854-1860; 1867-1889; 1909-1910 Available
Towyn on Sea and Merioneth County Times 1897-1905 Available
Tyst a'r Dydd 1871-1891 Available
Tyst Cymreig 1867-1870 Available
Tyst 1892-1910; 1914-1917 Available
Udgorn 1913-1918 Available
Weekly Mail 1879-1910 Available
Welsh Coast Pioneer 1900-1910 Available
Welsh Gazette 1899-1910 Available
Welshman 1835-1910 Available
Werin 1885-1900 Available
Western Mail 1869-1900 Available
Wrexham Guardian 1875-1879 Available
Wrexham Weekly Advertiser 1854-1900 Available
Wythnos a'r Eryr 1899-1903; 1909-1910 Available

Open Data

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