What Can I Access?

Access to both Library collections and External Resources are dependent on your type of Library membership and whether you are in the Library building or not. You'll find more information on what you can access and how, below.

Freely available online

No registration is required to:


Depending on where you live, registering as an Online Member will allow you to:

Member type Place Requests via the NLW Catalogue Access Electronic Welsh Theses from anywhere Access Subscriptions from anywhere
Online Member (in Wales) Yes Yes Yes
Online Member (Outside Wales) Yes Yes No

If you visit the Library

You can upgrade to Full Membership which gives you access to the Reading Room and WiFi.  While in the building you can access the following restricted electronic material:


Material Type WiFi Terminals
External Resources (Note: Full and Online members in Wales can access these from home) Yes Yes
Restricted External Resources Yes* Yes
Electronic Legal Deposit Articles and eBooks Note: These can be searched by anyone via the NLW Catalogue No Yes
Electronic Legal Deposit Websites Note: These cannot be searched via the NLW Catalogue - only via Reading Room devices No Yes

*Certain Restricted External Resources only allow access via dedicated machines within the Library