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Archives Wales Search

Welcome to Archives Wales Search. This site enables you to search the catalogues of archival records held in repositories throughout Wales and only in Wales, using data from the Archives Hub.

Use the text box below to search with Keywords. You will find more search options on the Search results page.

The catalogues are a good place to start your search, but it may also be necessary to visit an archival repository in order to find out more, because the size of most archives means that it is not possible for catalogues to contain references to every piece of information within them. Archival repositories also offer many other research resources.

Please note that this resource is developing; full data from every repository is not yet available, but it will be added over time.

For more information, please follow the links below:

  • To find out more about this website and how to use it, go to the Help page.
  • To enquire about a particular archive, or to order a particular archival document, go to the Directory of Repositories in order to contact the appropriate archival repository.
  • If you have an enquiry about the catalogues that cannot be answered by the search options on this site or by contacting or visiting any of the archival repositories, contact Archives Wales Search (
  • To enquire about the functionality of the Archives Wales Search site, use the links at the bottom of the page.