Welsh Wildlife: a Bibliography of Sources on Welsh Wildlife

This list contains a selection of titles on the wildlife of Wales which are amongst the Printed materials collection's holdings, and is not intended to be a comprehensive bibliography of works on this topic. The list also includes Welsh language works on wildlife in general. Some of the titles may be found on the open shelves of the Printed material collection's Reading Room. Users should however search for records for the majority of these titles on one of the OPAC databases in order to request them, or to search for other relevant works. Users should also search the microfiche catalogue for details of titles not currently found on the OPAC.


  • Canfod ag adnabod blodau gwyllt, Christopher Humphries (addasiad Dafydd Dafis), (Llandysul: Gomer, 1996)
  • Casgliad o enwau blodau, llysiau a choed, Meirion Parry, (Caerdydd: Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru, 1969)
  • Enwau Cymraeg ar blanhigion / Welsh names for plants, Dafydd Davies & Arthur Jones, (Caerdydd: Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Cymru, 1995)
  • Flora of Flintshire: the flowering plants and ferns of a North Wales county, Goronwy Wynne, (Denbigh: Gee and Son, 1993)
  • Flora of Glamorgan, A.E. Wade et al., (London: HMSO, 1994)
  • Flora of Monmouthshire, A.E. Wade, (Cardiff: National Museum of Wales, 1970)
  • Flora of Montgomeryshire, Ian Trueman, Alan Morton & Marjorie Wainwright (ed.), (Welshpool: Montgomeryshire Field Society and The Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust, 1995)
  • Flora of Radnorshire, R.G. Woods, (Cardiff: National Museum of Wales in association with the Bentham-Moxon Trust, 1993)
  • The flowering plants and ferns of Anglesey, R.H. Roberts, (Cardiff: National Museum of Wales, 1982)
  • Flowering plants of Wales, R.G. Ellis, (Cardiff: National Museum of Wales, 1983)
  • Guide to the freshwater, brackish and marine algae of South Wales, UK, Kathryn Benson-Evans & Rachel Antoine, (Cardiff: School of Pure and Applied Biology, University of Wales, Cardiff, 1996)
  • Planhigion Cymru a'r byd, D. Hayes, (Kirkby-in-Ashfield: Gwasg Maes Onn, 1995)
  • Plants of Pembrokeshire, T.A. Warren Davis, ([Haverfordwest]: West Wales Naturalists' Trust, 1970)
  • Welsh ferns, clubmosses, quilworts and horsetails, G. Hutchinson & B.A. Thomas, (Cardiff National Museum of Wales, 1996)


  • Amffibiaid yng Nghymru, Cyngor Cefn Gwlad Cymru, (Bangor: Cyngor Cefn Gwlad Cymru, 1994)
  • The butterflies and moths found in the counties of Cheshire, Flintshire, Denbighshire, Caernarvonshire, Anglesey and Merionethshire, S. Gordon Smith, (Chester: Chester Society of Natural Science, Literature & Art, 1948)
  • Butterflies of Gwynedd, Paul Whalley (ed.), (Llanberis: First Hydro, [1996?])
  • Canfod ac adnabod ieir bach yr haf, George E. Hyde (addasiad Cymraeg Dafydd Dafis), (Llandysul: Gomer, 1995)
  • Dragonflies of Pembrokeshire, Joan W. Saunders, ([Haverfordwest]: Pembroke Coast National Park Authority, 1986)
  • Invertebrates of Wales: a review of important sites and species, Adrian Fowles, (Peterborough: Joint Nature Conservation Committee, 1994)
  • Marine & estuarine fishes of Wales, Geoffrey W. Potts & Silja E. Swaby, (Bangor: Countryside Council for Wales, 1994)
  • Monmouthshire Lepidoptera the butterflies and moths of Gwent, G.A. Neil Horton, ([Abergavenny]: Comma International Biological Systems, 1994)
  • Pysgod dŵr croyw, Emrys Evans, (Penygroes: Gwasg Dwyfor, 1983)
  • The vertebrate fauna of North Wales, H.E. Forrest, (London: Witherby & Co., 1907)
  • Welsh seashells, June E. Chatfield, (Cardiff: National Museum of Wales, 1977)
  • West Wales dragonflies, Stephen Coker & Tony Fox, (Mountain: Mountain Books, 1985)
  • Ymlusgiaid yng Nghymru, Cyngor Cefn Gwlad Cymru, (Bangor: Cyngor Cefn Gwlad Cymru, 1994)


  • Adar cefn gwlad, E.V. Breeze Jones, (Penygroes: Gwasg Dwyfor, 1984)
  • Adar llawr gwlad a chorsydd, E.V. Breeze Jones, (Penygroes: Gwasg Dwyfor, 1983)
  • Adar prin, E.V. Breeze Jones, (Penygroes: Gwasg Dwyfor, 1985)
  • Adar y coedydd, E.V. Breeze Jones, (Penygroes: Gwasg Dwyfor, 1983)
  • Adar y glannau, E.V. Breeze Jones, (Penygroes: Gwasg Dwyfor, 1983)
  • Adar yr aberoedd a'r traethau, E.V. Breeze Jones, (Penygroes: Gwasg Dwyfor, 1984)
  • Adar yr afonydd a'r llynnoedd, E.V. Breeze Jones, (Pwllheli: Gwasg Dwyfor, 1982)
  • Adar yr ardd, E.V. Breeze Jones, (Pwllheli: Gwasg Dwyfor: 1981)
  • Adar yr ucheldir, E.V. Breeze Jones, (Pwllheli: Gwasg Dwyfor, 1981)
  • Birds in Wales, Roger Lovegrove, Graham Williams & Iolo Williams. (London: T & A D Poyser, 1994)
  • The birds of Caernarfonshire, John Barnes, (Caernarfon: Cambrian Ornithological Society, 1997)
  • The birds of Cardiganshire, Geoffrey C.S. Ingram, H. Morrey Salmon & W.M. Condry, ([S.l.]: West Wales Naturalists' Trust, 1966)
  • Birds of Glamorgan, Clive Hurford & Peter Lansdown, (Cardiff: Department of Zoology, National Museum of Wales, 1995)
  • The birds of Gwent, P.N. Ferns et al., ([S.l.]: Gwent Ornithological Society, 1977)
  • Birds of Meirioneth, Peter Hope Jones, ([S.l.]: Cambrian Ornithological Society, 1974)
  • Birds of Pembrokeshire: status and atlas of Pembrokeshire birds, Jack Donovan & Graham Rees. (Haverfordwest: Dyfed Wildlife Trust, 1994)
  • Birds of the Pembrokeshire coast, Peter Knights, (Haverfordwest: Brian S. John, Greencroft Books, 1979)
  • Birds of the Welsh coast, Reg Jones, (Norwich: Jarrold Colour Publications, 1977)
  • Birdwatching in Snowdonia, E Breeze Jones & G.E. Thomas, (Cardiff: John Jones, 1976)
  • A brief guide to the birds of Pembrokeshire, David Saunders, (Tenby: H.G. Walters, 1976)
  • Enwau adar, Dewi E. Lewis, (Llanrwst: Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 1994)
  • A guide to the birds of Wales, David Saunders, (London: Constable, 1974)
  • Nabod adar: arweinlyfr i adar gwledydd Prydain, Peter Hayman & Michael Everett, (Drenewydd: Cymdeithas Frenhinol er Gwarchod Adar, 1982)
  • Pa aderyn?: llyfr poced ar sut i adnabod adar yn rhwydd ac yn gyflym Mike Lambert ac Alan Pearson, (addasiad Cymraeg Ted Breeze Jones), (Llandysul: Gomer, 1988)
  • RSPB guide to birdwatching in Clwyd, Valerie McFarland, (Sandy (Bedfordshire): RSPB, 1989)
  • RSPB guide to birdwatching in Snowdonia, Roger Lovegrove, (Sandy (Bedfordshire): RSPB, 1987)
  • RSPB guide to birdwatching on Anglesey and Lleyn / Llawlyfr RSPB i wylio adar ym Môn a Llŷn, Valerie McFarland, (Sandy (Bedfordshire): RSPB, 1990)
  • Ted: dyn yr adar, Twm Elias, (Llandysul: Gomer, 2000)
  • Welsh birds, Graham F. Date, (Cardiff: John Jones, 1976)
  • Where to watch birds in Wales, David Saunders, (London: Christopher Helm, 1987, 1992)


  • Mammals in Carmarthenshire / Mamaliaid yn Sir Gaerfyrddin, Andrew Lucas, (Dolgellau: Andrew Lucas, 1997)

Welsh general nature books

  • The countryside of South Wales, Heather Angel, (Norwich: Jarrold Colour Publications, [1973?])
  • A guide to the nature reserves of Wales and the West Midlands, Linda Bennett, (London: Macmillan Press, 1989)
  • The natural history of Wales, William Condry, (London: Bloomsbury Books, 1990)
  • The naturalist in Wales, R.M. Lockley, (Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1970)
  • Nature guide to Wales, June E. Chatfield, (London: Usborne Publishing Ltd., 1981)
  • The nature of Central Wales, Fred Slater, (Buckingham: Barracuda Books Ltd., 1988)
  • The nature of North Wales, William S. Lacey & M. Joan Morgan (ed.), (Buckingham: Barracuda Books Ltd., 1989)
  • The nature of West Wales, David Saunders (ed.), (Buckingham: Barracuda Books Ltd., 1986)
  • A new natural history of Anglesey, W. Eifion Jones (ed.). (Llangefni: Anglesey Antiquarian Society, 1990)
  • The Snowdonia National Park, William Condry, (London: Collins, 1969)
  • Where to go for wildlife in Glamorgan, Nigel Ajax Lewis (ed.), ([S.l.]: Glamorgan Wildlife Trust, 1991)
  • Wild places of Mid Wales: a guide to protected wildlife sites, Andrew Jenkinson, (Newtown: Festival of the Countryside, 1997)
  • Wildlife in Dyfed, Brian John (ed.), (Newport, Dyfed: Greencroft Books, 1979)

Natural habitats

  • Glan y môr, D. Gwyn Jones, (Caerdydd: Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru, 1972)
  • Limestone downs, commons, farms and woods, Mary E. Gilham, (Bridgend: Glamorgan Wildlife Trust, 1991)
  • Sand dunes, Mary E. Gillham, ([S.l.]: Heritage Coast Joint Management and Advisory Committee, 1987)

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