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The 1922 General Election saw a substantial political realignment across the United Kingdom leading to the dominance of the Conservative and Labour parties for the following century and consigning the Liberals to third party status. In Wales, the Labour Party won exactly half the seats and has maintained its status as Wales’ largest party in terms of electoral representation in both the UK Parliament and the Welsh Parliament for 100 years. Although it isn’t uncommon to have one party dominate a country’s politics for several decades, a century of dominance is unusual and a century of unbroken dominance is unparalleled.

The Labour Party has re-invented itself many times, adapting to changing circumstances and delivering many economic, social and political reforms. The Llafur 100 timeline highlights some of the key moments and the people behind Welsh Labour’s story.

What is Llafur100?

Llafur100 is a volunteer-led project supported by The National Library of Wales. The timeline represents the output of this collaboration. It includes contributions, in the form of milestone events, personal stories, archival material and specially recorded interviews, from volunteers, Parliamentarians and policy makers, and other partners.

If you would like an accessible version of the timeline, you're welcome to contact our Enquiries Service.