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Ann, second from the right, phtographed with the NLW Archives and Manuscripts team in 2017

10 July 2024

Ann worked as an archivist at the National Library from 1990. During that time she catalogued a large number of collections - musical, literary and political archives, and archives of Welsh institutions. They are a record of Welsh life, mainly in the 20th century. Her knowledge of influential Welsh figures and the history and culture of Wales was second to none, and we greatly miss her knowledge and her curiosity.

She recently contributed an article in the Dictionary of Welsh Biography about the architect Professor Dewi-Prys Thomas.

As a tribute to her, we have compiled a list of around 100 of the catalogues she created or added information to in order to provide access to archival collections. The list is only a summary; click on the links for a fuller description.


(Please note the list below contains descriptions in Welsh and English in accordance with the language used in the catalogue).

Anthony P. Harvey (Gwasg Gregynog) Archive
Personal archive of material relating to Gwasg Gregynog accumulated by the donor during his time as a director and trustee of the Press, 1998-2018.

Rhydderch Jones Scripts
Film scripts by Rhydderch Jones, 1974-1987, mainly for television, including 'Mr Lollipop MA', 'Lliwiau' and 'Swallows'. = Sgriptiau ffilm gan Rhydderch Jones, 1974-1987, yn bennaf ar gyfer y teledu, gan gynnwys 'Mr Lollipop MA', 'Lliwiau' a 'Swallows'.

Andrew Sinclair Papers: Under Milk Wood
Papers, 1966-2015, relating to the filming and production of Under Milk Wood (1972), directed by Andrew Sinclair, together with papers relating to the financing and distribution of the film and to other Dylan Thomas projects.

Wales Deaf Broadcasting Council Records
Papers, 1987-2016, relating to the Wales Deaf Broadcasting Council, the Welsh broadcasting charity of deaf viewers, including minutes, correspondence and the Treasurer's papers.

Jenny Porter Papers
Papers of Jenny Porter as co-ordinator of Cymru Pride Wales (CPW), relating to The North Wales Lesbian Line; publicity material; minutes of meetings; early Stonewall documents; papers relating to the formation of the LGB Forum Cymru launched in 2001, including a letter from Sir Ian McKellen apologizing that he is unable to attend the first proposed Welsh Pride on 23 October 1999.

Caryl and Herbert Roese Papers
Papers of Caryl Roese, 1940-2016, including two scrapbooks relating to her career, copies of theses written by her, and genealogical notes compiled by her husband Herbert Roese, together with the papers of Herbert Roese, 1976-2017, including copies of theses written by him.

Alun Lewis Papers
Papers of Alun Lewis, 1919-1996, including family correspondence and letters from Robert Graves; autograph and typescript copies of published and unpublished poems; typescript copies of published and unpublished prose; personalia; an unpublished autobiographical novella of college life; memorial tributes to Alun Lewis in poetry form; and notebooks containing poetry and other writings by him.

Peter Hellings Papers
Literary papers, 1939- [2001], of the poet Peter Hellings, including drafts and fair copies of poems and translations from the French; together with letters to the poet and his wife Manon Hellings, 1939-2001. Among the most notable correspondents are Robert Herring, Keidrych Rhys, Stephen Spender and Vernon Watkins.

Robert Colley Papers
Papers of Robert Colley comprising a butterfly survey, illustrated with photographs, of the Llanrhystud transect, 2000-2007; and two field notebooks containing Chough surveys in the same area, 2003-2004.

Dives and Lazarus : op. 39
NLW MS 24025F. Manuscript pencil sketch, [1965], of Alun Hoddinott's 'Dives and Lazarus', a cantata for soprano and baritone soloists, choir and orchestra, with words written and adapted by Gwynno James.
The work was commissioned for the 1965 Farnham Festival and first performed on 20 May 1965. Also included is a manuscript copy of the words [?in the hand of Gwynno James] (ff. ii-iii) and a letter from Hoddinott to Felix Aprahamian, [28] March 1966 (f. i).

Ronald Lockley Diaries
Diaries of the naturalist Ronald M. Lockley, 1921-1948, compiled in twelve volumes.

Jack Straw : op. 35
NLW MS 24024F. A revised manuscript ink score, [1964], of the overture for orchestra 'Jack Straw' by Alun Hoddinott.

Ena Niedergang (Wales-China) Papers
Papers, 1976-2019, accumulated by Ena Niedergang whilst researching for her book Wales-China: 250 years of history published in 2015 and other papers not used for the book, including correspondence relating to missionaries and soldiers who served in China and the many connections between the two countries. Additional papers relating to The Wales-China Friendship Society, including correspondence relating to branches of the society in Cardiff and Swansea and minutes of meetings, The China ’89 project, visitors to China and from China to Wales and exhibitions.

Dictionary of Artists in Wales Archive = Archif Bywgraffiadur Artistiaid Cymru
Research papers, [1988x2016], relating to the publication of the reference book Post-war to Post-modern: a Dictionary of Artists in Wales published in 2015 in English and the Welsh edition Ȏl-ryfel i Ȏl-fodernaidd: Bywgraffiadau Artistiaid Cymru. The papers include minutes of the editorial group, biographical profiles of visual and applied artists, details of exhibitions held and images of their work.

Bet Davies (WDA) Archive
Papers accumulated by Bet Davies, 1985-2012, in her work with the WDA, Japan 2001 festival, a celebration of Japan in Wales, and at The Wales Millennium Centre.

Records, 1979-2018, of the Welsh Association of Lecturers in Mathematics in the Area Training Organisation (WALMATO), including minute books and papers relating to annual conferences held.

D. Emrys Williams Collection
Research papers of D. Emrys Williams comprising notes on genealogy and local history (NLW ex 2990), and material relating to Carmarthenshire clergy during the eighteenth century (NLW ex 2991); together with rate books for the parish of Talley (NLW ex 2992).

The Red Hen Press Archive
Two folders containing papers, 1983-2003, relating to The Red Hen Press, including ephemera and letters from Shirley Jones to the donor.

Rhys Davies Papers
Literary and personal papers of Rhys Davies, 1901-1979, comprising manuscript drafts and typescript copies, mainly of short stories and plays, together with drafts and a manuscript text of his last novel Ram with Red Horns (Bridgend, 1996), set in south Wales. Also included are letters to and from Rhys Davies, mostly 1960s and 1970s, and papers relating to his friend, the novelist Anna Kavan, including a short draft of a work of fiction in her hand. The manuscripts include autograph and typescript drafts of the short story 'The Walled City', [?1950s], the novels Tomorrow to Fresh Woods (1941), Girl Waiting in the Shade (1960), [?late 1950s], and Nobody Answered the Bell (1971), stories collected in The Chosen One (1967), the autobiographical volume Print of a Hare's Foot (1969), and the articles 'The God on the Oven Door', 1963, and 'Anna Kavan', 1971.

Bryn Owen Papers
Papers, [1950]-[1999], relating to Bryn Owen's research on the history of Welsh militia.

Reverend W. Llewelyn Jones Papers
Notes in English and Welsh written by the Rev. William Llewelyn Jones to accompany his filmstrips using religion, famous Welshmen and the beauty of Wales as themes, together with some not included in these volumes. = Nodiadau yn Saesneg ac yn Gymraeg wedi'u llunio gan y Parch. William Llewelyn Jones yn defnyddio crefydd, dynion amlwg yng Nghymru a phrydferthwch Cymru fel themâu i gyd-fynd â'r stribedi ffilm a gynhyrchwyd ganddo, ynghyd â rhai na chawsant eu cynnwys yn y cyfrolau.

Papurau Emlyn Evans
Papurau Emlyn Evans, 1908-2014, yn ymwneud â'i yrfa yn y byd argraffu a'i weithgarwch ym myd llyfrau pan oedd yn byw yn Llundain, Llandybïe, ac yna'n ddiweddarach pan ddychwelodd i fyw i'w fro enedigol ym Methesda.

Papurau Tydfor Jones
Papurau'r bardd Tydfor Jones, [1931]-1993, yn cynnwys ei gerddi cynnar, cerddi'r gyfrol Rhamant a hiwmor a Tydfor a gyhoeddwyd yn 1993, ynghyd â phapurau'n ymwneud â Bois y Cilie, yn arbennig ei ewythr John (Tydu) Jones a ymfudodd i Ganada. = Papers of the poet Tydfor Jones, [1931]-1993, comprising his early poems, poems for Rhamant a hiwmor a Tydfor published in 1993, together with papers relating to Bois y Cilie, especially his uncle John (Tydu) Jones who emigrated to Canada.

Papurau R. Elwyn Hughes
Papurau’r biocemegydd, yr ymgyrchydd iaith, a’r hanesydd gwyddoniaeth R. Elwyn Hughes, [1660]-2012, yn cynnwys papurau’n ymwneud â’i ymchwil gwyddonol ac ar gyfer cyhoeddiadau ar hanes gwyddoniaeth, ynghyd â gohebiaeth. = Papers of R. Elwyn Hughes, biochemist, language campaigner and science historian, [1660]-2012, including papers relating to his scientific research and to publications on the history of science, together with correspondence.

Papurau Gwilym R. Jones
Papurau Gwilym R. Jones, [1930]-[2001] yn cynnwys cerddi, sgriptiau, straeon byrion, darlithiau, a phapurau yn ymwneud â’i gyfnod yn olygydd Y Faner. = Papers of the poet and journalist Gwilym R. Jones, 1930-[2001], including poems, scripts, short stories, lectures, and papers relating to his work as editor of Y Faner.

Llyfrau o Lyfrgelloedd Syr O. M. Edwards a Syr Ifan ab Owen Edwards
Llyfrau o lyfrgelloedd Syr Owen Morgan Edwards (1858-1920) a Syr Ifan ab Owen Edwards (1895-1970), [1867]-[1945], yn cynnwys llythyrau neu lofnodion yr awduron. Y mae'r mwyafrif ohonynt yn perthyn i O. M. Edwards.

Papurau Nansi Selwood
Papurau’r nofelydd a’r hanesydd lleol Nansi Selwood, [1934]-2017, yn cynnwys gohebiaeth, drafftiau o'i nofelau Brychan dir, Dan faner Dafydd Gam a Y rhod yn troi, erthyglau a sgriptiau radio. = Papers of the novelist and local historian Nansi Selwood, [1934]-2017, comprising correspondence, drafts of her novels Brychan dir, Dan faner Dafydd Gam and Y rhod yn troi, articles and radio scripts.

Archif John Eilian
Papurau John Eilian, 1911-2018, 2022, yn cynnwys gohebiaeth, ei awdl ‘Maelgwn Gwynedd’, awdl fuddugol Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Bae Colwyn 1947, a'r bryddest ‘Meirionnydd’ y dyfarnwyd iddo'r goron yn Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Dolgellau 1949, a cherddi eraill ganddo; papurau’n deillio o’i gyfnod fel newyddiadurwr; ac erthyglau ganddo a gyhoeddwyd mewn cylchgronau. = Papers, 1911-2018, 2022, of John Eilian, comprising correspondence, his poem in strict metre ‘Maelgwn Gwynedd’ which was awarded the chair at The National Eisteddfod held at Colwyn Bay in 1947, and the winning crown poem ‘Meirionnydd’ at The National Eisteddfod at Dolgellau in 1949 and other poems by him; papers relating to his work as a journalist; and articles published in periodicals.

CMA: Records of Capel Horeb y Mynydd, Hope Mountain
Financial records, 1951-1999, of Capel Horeb y Mynydd, together with a list of baptisms, 1979-1997, and administrative papers, including an architectural report, 1990. Capel Horeb y Mynydd (Hope, Flintshire, Wales).

CMA: Records of Zion Presbyterian Church, Buckley
Account books, 1897-1981, ministry collection book, 1928-1981, and a minute book, 1969-1981, of Zion Presbyterian Church, Buckley.

Papurau Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru: Dramâu, Pasiantau a Sioeau Cerdd
Sgriptiau dramâu amrywiol, [?1929]-[2013] (gyda bylchau), gan gynnwys dramâu gwreiddiol, addasiadau o ddramâu, a dramâu a gomisiynwyd gan yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol.

Papurau Dewi Stephen Jones
Papurau'r bardd Dewi Stephen Jones, 1980-2019, yn cynnwys drafftiau o gerddi, llythyrau oddi wrth Anne Stevenson, Bobi Jones ac Alan Llwyd, ynghyd â theyrngedau a roddwyd iddo yn dilyn ei farwolaeth yn 2019. = Papers of the poet Dewi Stephen Jones, 1980-2019, including letters from Anne Stevenson, Bobi Jones and Alan Llwyd, together with tributes on his death.

Papurau E. Tegla Davies
Papurau llenyddol a phersonol E. Tegla Davies, 1879-1970, yn cynnwys ei ddyddiaduron, gohebiaeth, pregethau, ysgrifau, adolygiadau o’i weithiau ac adolygiadau ganddo, ynghyd â ffotograffau teuluol. = Literary and personal papers of E. Tegla Davies, 1879-1970, comprising his diaries, correspondence, sermons, essays, reviews of his publications and reviews by him, together with family photographs.

Papurau Eigra Lewis Roberts
Papurau'r nofelydd a'r dramodydd llenyddol Eigra Lewis Roberts, [1965]-[2014], yn cynnwys drafftiau llawysgrif ar gyfer y gyfres ddrama deledu 'Minafon'; teipysgrifau addasiadau o nofelau Elena Puw Morgan, Y Wisg Sidan a Y Graith; sgript y ffilm deledu ar O. M. Edwards; sgyrsiau radio; adolygiadau, teipysgrifau o rai o'i llyfrau gan gynnwys Fy Hanes i: Streic: Dyddiadur Ifan Evans, Llwybrmain, Bethesda, 1899-1903. = Papers of the novelist and dramatist Eigra Lewis Roberts, [1965]-[2014], including manuscript drafts of the television drama series 'Minafon'; typescript adaptations of novels by Elena Puw Morgan namely Y wisg sidan [The silk gown] and Y graith [The scar]; script of the television film about O. M. Edwards; radio talks; book reviews and typescripts of some of her books including the diary of Ifan Evans, Llwybrmain, Bethesda, 1899-1903.

Papurau Alun Eirug Davies
Papurau llenyddol ac academaidd Alun Eirug Davies, ynghyd â phapurau ei dad T. Eirug Davies, [1908]-[2017], sy'n cynnwys gohebiaeth, dyddiaduron, barddoniaeth, pregethau a phapurau eraill. = Literary and academic papers of Alun Eirug Davies, together with the papers of his father T. Eirug Davies, [1908]-[2017], comprising correspondence, diaries, poetry, sermons and other papers.

Papurau Elinor Bennett
Papurau Elinor Bennett, 1954-2018, yn cynnwys sgorau cerddoriaeth; papurau’n ymwneud ag ymweliad Côr Madrigal Coleg Prifysgol Cymru Aberystwyth â’r Unol Daleithiau; rhaglenni gwyliau telyn, gwyliau cerdd; rhaglenni cyngherddau; ffotograffau; a phapurau’n ymwneud â dewis cynllun ar gyfer adeilad newydd i Gynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru. = Papers of Elinor Bennett, 1954-2018, comprising music scores; papers relating to the visit of The University College of Wales, Aberystwyth’s Madrigal Choir to America; programmes for harp festivals and music festivals; concert programmes; photographs; and papers relating to selecting both the architect and the design concept for the new Welsh National Assembly building.

Lord Callaghan (New Welsh National Assembly Building) Papers
Papers, 1990-2000, mainly 1998, accumulated by Lord Callaghan during his period as Chairman of the committee responsible for selecting both the architect and the design concept for the new Welsh National Assembly building in 1998.

Geraint Goodwin Papers
Typescript and manuscript copies of novels and short stories by Geraint Goodwin, 1929-1987.

Drama Association of Wales Drama Collection
The playscripts, [1934x2014], comprise translations of plays into Welsh by Emyr Edwards and others which were presented by him to Drama Association Wales in 2005 and English medium plays written by Welsh playwrights or with Welsh connections. = Mae’r sgriptiau, [1934x2014], yn cynnwys cyfieithiadau i’r Gymraeg gan Emyr Edwards ac eraill a gyflwynwyd ganddo i Gymdeithas Ddrama Cymru yn 2005 a dramâu cyfrwng Saesneg gan awduron Cymreig neu â chysylltiadau Cymreig.

Kinmel Deeds
Deeds, 1313-[1825], from the collection of Angharad Llwyd (1779-1866), antiquary, including deeds relating to the Salusbury family of Lleweni, 1313-1727, and one to the Myddelton family of Chirk, [c.1640].

Papurau D. J. Williams, Abergwaun
Papurau personol, cyhoeddus a llenyddol D. J. Williams, Abergwaun, 1810-1969, gan gynnwys nifer helaeth o lythyrau teuluol a llythyrau oddi wrth gyfeillion a chyd lenorion; dyddiaduron; a llyfrau coleg. Ceir papurau'n ymwneud â'i ran yn Llosgi'r Ysgol Fomio ym Mhenyberth yn 1936 ac fel aelod allweddol o Blaid Cymru, ynghyd â phapurau ei wraig Siân Wiliams. Ymhlith y rhain ceir llythyrau oddi wrth aelodau o'i theulu, llythyrau a dderbyniodd tra roedd ei gŵr yn y carchar a dyddiaduron. Yn ogystal ceir papurau a grynhowyd ganddo.

Alison Bielski Papers
Literary papers, 1964-1995, juvenilia, 1939-1942, and journals, 1966-1994, of Alison Bielski, together with her work journals, 1995-2002 .

Papurau Cassie Davies
Papurau Cassie Davies, [1918]-1975, yn cynnwys llythyrau oddi wrth Gymry amlwg. Mae rhai ohonynt wedi'u cyfeirio at ei chwaer Neli Davies. = Papers of Cassie Davies, [1918]-1975, including letters from eminent Welshmen. Some of them are addressed to her sister Neli Davies.

Glanmor Williams Diaries
Diaries, 1967-2005, of Sir Glanmor Williams, reflecting his personal and professional work, including political observations and remarks on contemporary affairs.

UCW Aberystwyth Students Representative Council and Societies Records
Records of the Students' Representative Council, 1906-1938; minute books of Hall Councils, 1910-1942; the Amalgamation Fee Committee, 1915-1948; the Athletics Field Committee, 1926-1935; the Central Athletic Board, 1924-1942; the Botanical Club, 1928-1934; Y Gymdeithas Geltaidd/the Celtic Society, 1899-1927; the Cosmopolitan Club, 1938-1941; the Debates Union, 1933-1943; the Inter-College Eisteddfod Committees, 1930-1940; the Film Society, 1948-1949; the Gymnastic Club, 1921-1930; the Labour Club (jointly with University College, London), 1939-1944; the Literary and Debating Society, 1892-1923; the Music Union (jointly with University College, London), 1942-1944; the Scientific Society, 1911-1943; and the Sports Committee, 1920-1945.

Dr B. G. Charles Research Papers
Research papers, [1911]-[1998], of Dr B. G. Charles reflecting his academic interests, in particular etymology and history of his native Pembrokeshire, and also his local and leisure interests.

Llawysgrifau ac Archifau T. Llew Jones
Dyddiaduron y bardd a'r llenor T. Llew Jones, 1957-1999, ynghyd â cherddi ganddo, llythyrau a ysgrifennwyd ato a phapurau amrywiol, [?1945]-[2006]. = Diaries of the poet and author T. Llew Jones, 1957-1999, together with poems written by him, letters written to him and miscellaneous papers, [1945]-[2006].

Welsh Historic Gardens Trust Archive
Papers of the Welsh Historic Gardens Trust, 1989-2009, including minutes of meetings and other papers relating to the Trust and its activities.

Archif Gerddorol Dilys Elwyn-Edwards
Llawysgrifau cerddorol y gyfansoddwraig Dilys Elwyn-Edwards, gan gynnwys portffolio o’i gwaith a gyflwynodd fel ymgeisydd am Ysgoloriaeth Gerddoriaeth Turle i Goleg Girton, Caergrawnt; llawysgrifau o ganeuon heb eu cyhoeddi; trefniannau; llawysgrifau Caneuon y Tri Aderyn, [1961] a’r offeren fer Missa Brevis, [1994]. = Musical manuscripts of the composer Dilys Elwyn-Edwards, including a portfolio of her work presented as a candidate for the Turle Music Scholarship, Girton College, Cambridge; manuscripts of unpublished songs; arrangements; manuscripts of Caneuon y Tri Aderyn, [1961] and the short mass Missa Brevis, [1994].

Sgriptiau Gwynne D. Evans
Sgriptiau dramâu Gwynne D. Evans, 1946-[1979], gan gynnwys rhai a ddanfonwyd i gystadleuthau yn yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol, ac a ddarlledwyd ar y radio ac ar y teledu; sgriptiau 'Pobol y Cwm'; ynghyd â phapurau’n ymwneud â’i waith fel cynhychydd Under Milk Wood a Dan y Wenallt.

Papurau Bobi Jones
Gohebiaeth gyffredinol at Bobi Jones,1950-1997, nifer ohonynt oddi wrth bwysigion Cymru; gohebiaeth a phapurau, 1971-1979, yn ymwneud â gwaith golygu'r gyfres Storiâu Tramor; papurau amrywiol, yn cynnwys beirniadaethau ar gyfer eisteddfodau, cyfrolau o nodiadau darlithoedd, papurau gwleidyddol, adolygiadau, sgriptiau radio, ddrafftiau barddoniaeth ac erthyglau.

Gwenffrwd Hughes Papers
Papers, [1936]-2002, reflecting the diverse interests and actvities of Dr Goronwy Alun Hughes such as minority languages, anthropology, genealogy, libraries and the voluntary services in Wales, including personal and business correspondence and microfiche of Pacific interest; together with the papers of Brenda Hughes, his second wife, relating to Romanian life; and of his late wife Dr Zuzana Hughes relating to social work.

Dewi-Prys Thomas Papers
Mae'r archif yn cynnwys gohebiaeth yr Athro Dewi-Prys Thomas, yn ymwneud bron yn gyfan gwbl â'i waith fel ymgynghorydd pensaernïol i Wyn Thomas & Partners, Caerdydd, wrth gynllunio Swyddfeydd newydd Cyngor Gwynedd yng Nghaernarfon,1979-1985; ysgrifau coffa, teyrngedau, a llythyrau,1985-1987, ynglŷn â ffïoedd ar ôl ei farwolaeth; a phapurau amrywiol,1936-[1979] = Correspondence of Professor Dewi-Prys Thomas, relating almost exclusively to his work as architectural consultant to Wyn Thomas & Partners, Cardiff, while designing the new Gwynedd County Offices in Caernarfon, 1979-1985; obituaries, tributes, and letters, 1985-1987, concerning his fees following his death; and miscellaneous papers, 1936-[1979].

Rees Jenkin Jones Family Papers
Personal papers and correspondence, 1826-1967, of members of the family of Rees Jenkin Jones, namely the Rev. John Jones (1802-1863), Mrs Anne Griffith Jones (1852-1899), Dr Goronwy Jones (1881-1945), the Rev. Simon Jones (1879-1967) and the Rev. Rees Jenkin Jones (1835-1924) himself, together with estate records, 1620-1916, of the Clettwr estate, Cardiganshire, Cilgell Isaf estate, Carmarthenshire, and of premises in Aberdare, Glamorgan. Much of the material relates to the Unitarian cause in Wales.

Papurau T. Wilson Evans
Llawysgrifau rhai o nofelau T. Wilson Evans, cerddi a anfonwyd i eisteddfodau, a dramâu ganddo, ynghyd ag astudiaeth o’r elfen seicolegol yn ei waith gan Bethan Wyn Owen. = Manuscripts of novels by T. Wilson Evans, poems sent to eisteddfodau, and plays by him, together with a study of the psychological element in his work by Bethan Wyn Owen.

CMA: Cofysgrifau Eglwys Carmel, Llanilar
Cofysgrifau, 1814-1966, yn perthyn i Eglwys Carmel, Llanilar, gan gynnwys cofrestr bedyddiadau, 1814-1890, llyfrau ysgrifennydd yr Ysgol Sul, 1899-1958, llyfrau casgliad y weinidogaeth, 1872-1970, a chofrestr aelodau'r Gymdeithas Ddirwest, 1894-1908. Mae pedair cyfrol yn perthyn i Ysgoldy Cilcwm, 1885-1966.
Papurau Islwyn Jones
Papurau Islwyn 'Gus' Jones, 1885-2015 (gyda bylchau), yn cynnwys gohebiaeth, sgriptiau, darlithiau llenyddol, darlithiau Saesneg a sgyrsiau; cerddi; ei atgofion cynnar; papurau'n deillio o'i gyfnod yn fyfyriwr ym Mhrifysgol Aberystwyth a llythyrau oddi wrth lenorion yn ymwneud â chyhoeddiadau a olygwyd ganddo.

Papurau T. Glynne Davies
Papurau T. Glynne Davies, [1822]-2010 (gyda bylchau), yn cynnwys gohebiaeth; dyddiaduron; drafftiau cynnar o’i bryddest fuddugol ‘Adfeilion’ y dyfarnwyd iddo’r goron yn Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Llanrwst yn 1951; cyfrol o’i gerddi cynnar; cynllun o’i nofel Marged (Llandysul, 1974) a chopi gyda nodiadau a chywiriadau yn ei law; a sgriptiau dramâu a rhaglenni radio. = Papers of T. Glynne Davies, [1822]-2010 (with gaps), including correspondence; diaries; early drafts of his winning poem ‘Adfeilion’ (Ruins) which was awarded the crown at the National Eisteddfod at Llanrwst in 1951; a volume of his early poems; an outline of his novel Marged (Llandysul, 1974) and a copy with notes and revisions in his hand; and drama and radio scripts.

Winifred Coombe Tennant Papers
Papers of Winifred Coombe Tennant, 1897-1957, relating to her activities with Gorsedd y Beirdd and the National Eisteddfod of Wales, and also including correspondence with artists, patrons and art administrators and related material concerning her patronage of the arts in Wales; together with her diaries, 1897-1955.

Honno (Welsh Women’s Press) Papers
Papers of Honno, 1986-2009, including minutes of committee and AGM meetings; correspondence; marketing material; unpublished manuscripts and reader’s reports.

Emrys Bennett Owen Papers
Papers relating to Cymdeithas Gwrandawyr Cymru, 1955-1976, Cymdeithas Telynau Cymru (The Welsh Harp Society), 1962-1979, papers relating to Rio Tinto Finance and Exploration Limited, 1969-1973 and the Chrome Company Ltd, 1970, miscellaneous papers, 1942-1970; papers relating to the Welsh Folk-Song Society, 1956-1985; and to his research and music interests, [1900] - [1995].

Christians Against Torture Papers
Correspondence and other records, 1981-1999, of the Christians Against Torture Movement, including the correspondence of the Reverend Roy Jenkins, its first secretary and main founder; profiles of 'adopted' prisoners of conscience, 1982-1989; together with copies of newsletters, 1989-2000, and Robin Gwyndaf, Ai Ceidwad fy mrawd ydwyf i? (Lewis Valentine Memorial Lecture 1991).

Bishop John Owen Papers
The collection comprises John Owen's diaries, 1889-1926; notebooks containing press cuttings, accounts, extracts from the Bible and historical notes; and an address book; the memoirs of John Owen entitled 'College Friends', letters, 1872-1894, etc.

Michael Holroyd (Augustus John) Research Papers
Research papers of Michael Holroyd mainly relating to his biography of Augustus John originally published in 1974-1975, other editions and the revised edition published in 1996. These include letters from the John family, researchers, British and foreign repositories, photocopies of letters from Augustus John to his family, letters to fellow artists, his writer friends and members of the Gypsy Lore Society; reminiscences of friends and family; press cuttings relating to his works; papers relating to Augustus John's autobiography Chiaroscuro published in 1952, including publishing contracts; photocopies of writings by Augustus John; publishing agreements and book reviews of the biography. Also included are exhibition addresses on the artist by Michael Holroyd; scripts written about him and Gwen John by others, papers relating to the book co-written by Michael Holroyd and Malcolm Easton, The art of Augustus John (London, 1974), together with some research papers relating to Gwen John and to other projects.

Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones Papers
The first group of papers, [c. 1927]-[1987] (1-72), which were received in November 1999, comprise sermon notes, correspondence, diaries, medical notebooks and press cuttings of reviews of books written by Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones and about him.

CMA: Cofysgrifau Capel Hermon, Trichrug
Cofysgrifau Capel Hermon, Trichrug, ym mhlwyf Trefilan, 1890-1999, yn cynnwys llyfrau casglu at y weinidogaeth, 1894-1999, llyfr cyfrifon, 1931-1996, llyfr cyfrifon yr Ysgol Sul, 1909-1927, llyfr ysgrifennydd yr Ysgol Sul, 1941-[1943], ynghyd â llyfr aelodaeth, 1890-1958, a hefyd cofrestr bedyddiadau, 1890-1987 a priodasau, 1953-1979, a cofrestr y Gymdeithas Ddirwestol, 1903 a 1908.

Papurau'r Parch E R Williams, Patagonia
Papers of E. R. Williams, mainly relating to chapels, schools and eisteddfodau in Patagonia, 1933-1951, and papers of Elizabeth Jeane Roberts Williams, mainly school notebooks, 1945-1949.

Papurau Ymchwil Dr David Jenkins, Penrhyn-coch
Llythyrau, 1959-[1998], yn ymwneud â bywyd cyhoeddus Dr David Jenkins, a gwaith ymchwil, 1913-2001, yn ymwneud â'i gyhoeddiadau Thomas Gwynn Jones: Cofiant (Dinbych, 1973) a Bro a Bywyd Thomas Gwynn Jones [Caerdydd, 1984]. Ceir drafftiau teipysgrif hefyd o'i lyfr arfaethedig ar hanes Gwasg Gregynog, [1962]-2001.

CMA: Cofysgrifau Capel Pen-uwch
Cofysgrifau Capel Pen-uwch, Penuwch, Llangeitho, 1840-1993, yn cynnwys cofrestr bedyddiadau, 1840-1993, llyfr aelodaeth, 1895-1936, casgliadau at y weinidogaeth, 1863-1970, 'Llyfr Cyfrif Ysgol Sabbothol Penuwch', 1915-1928, a llyfr ysgrifennydd yr Ysgol Sul, 1940-1947.

Papurau Mihangel Morgan
Papurau Mihangel Morgan, 1978-[2014], yn cynnwys gohebiaeth a drafftiau o'i weithiau llenyddol. = Papers of Mihangel Morgan, 1978-[2014], comprising correspondence and drafts of his literary works.

Papurau Mathonwy Hughes
Papurau Mathonwy Hughes yn cynnwys: llawysgrifau llenyddol; gohebiaeth bersonol, [?1903]-1992; papurau'n ymwneud â'i deulu, yn enwedig ei ewythr R. Silyn Roberts, [?1847]-[?1986]; papurau'n gysylltiedig â'i waith fel golygydd cynorthwyol Y Faner, 1949-1992; ynghyd â nodiadau a darlithoedd a baratowyd ganddo ar gyfer dosbarthiadau Mudiad Addysg y Gweithwyr, [?1936]-1991.

CMA: Cofysgrifau Capel Gorffwysfa, Penrhyndeudraeth
Cofnodion Capel Gorffwysfa, Penrhyndeudraeth, gan gynnwys llyfr cyfrifon y Gymdeithas Ariannol, 1878-1907, llyfrau cyfrifon, 1878-1986, a llyfr y trysorydd, 1888-1952. Ceir llyfr cofnodion eglwysig, 1909-1986, a llyfr cofnodion a llyfr cofnodion pwyllgor yr adeiladau, 1929-1951, ymhlith y cofnodion gweinyddol, ynghyd â chofrestr yr Ysgol Sul, 1885-1886, a phapurau'n ymwneud â threfnu Cymanfa Gyffredinol Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru, 12-15 Mehefin 1978, yn y capel.

CMA: Cofysgrifau Eglwys Engedi, Caernarfon
Cofysgrifau Eglwys Engedi, Caernarfon, 1842-1999, gan gynnwys cofrestri, llyfrau casgliadau, llyfrau'r eisteddleoedd, llyfrau'r weinidogaeth, cofrestri anghydffurfiol ac Eglwysig, llyfrau cofnodion pwyllgorau, llyfrau cofnodion, gohebiaeth, a phapurau yn ymwneud â chymdeithasau'r Eglwys a chofnodion yr Ysgol Sul.

CMA: Cofysgrifau Capel Bethel, Talsarnau
Adysgrifau, 1807-1865, o gofrestri genedigaethau a bedyddiadau Capel Bethel, Talsarnau.

Griffith John (Glyn Richards) Papers
Papers, 1868-1965, of the Reverend Griffith John who served as a missionary in China, including his journal, 1855-1870, letters sent by him to his family, 1886-1907, together with letters, 1961-1965, relating to his commemorative garden in Swansea.

Papurau R. Tudur Jones
Papurau personol y Parchedig Ddr. Robert Tudur Jones (1921-1998). Rhoddwyd y papurau’n rhodd i’r Llyfrgell gan y teulu yn Ebrill 2015, gan rannu archif RTJ rhwng y Llyfrgell Genedlaethol ag Archifdy Prifysgol Bangor.

Papurau Rhiannon Davies Jones
Papurau llenyddol a theuluol Rhiannon Davies Jones, 1878-2014 (gyda bylchau), yn cynnwys barddoniaeth, ei thraethawd MA, ysgrifau, ffotograffau, llyfrau ymwelwyr a phapurau amrywiol. = Literary and family papers of Rhiannon Davies Jones, 1878-2014 (with gaps), her MA thesis, articles, photographs, visitor books and miscellaneous papers.

Papurau F. Wynn Jones
Papurau, 1916-1971, yn ymwneud â chyhoeddiadau F. Wynn Jones sef Godre'r Berwyn (1953) a Canmlwydd Siloh (1962), ynghyd â phapurau ymchwil yn ymwneud â'r cofiant arfaethedig i'w dad-yng-nghyfraith T. Gwynn Jones. Ceir hefyd rhai o'i bapurau personol ef ei hun sy'n cynnwys llythyrau, 1916-1918, a anfonodd tra'n filwr adeg y Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf ac fel carcharor rhyfel yn 1918; a llythyrau'n ei longyfarch ar gael OBE yn 1957. Ychwanegwyd rhai nodiadau cefndirol gan Emrys Wynn Jones.

CMA: Cofysgrifau Eglwys Bethel, Dyserth
Cofysgrifau gweinyddol ac ariannol Eglwys Bethel, Dyserth. Ceir yn eu plith llyfrau cyfrifon, 1854-1951, llyfrau casgliad y weinidogaeth, 1915-1967, cofrestri eglwysig, 1900-1974, llyfrau cofnodion, 1916-1966, a thaflenni ystadegol, 1952-1962.

Dramâu Emyr Edwards
Cyfrolau wedi’u rhwymo yn cynnwys sgriptiau dramâu gan Emyr Edwards a chyfieithiadau a ddramâu ganddo, 1973-2015, ynghyd â rhai o’i weithiau cyhoeddedig ar y theatr mewn teipysgrif a chyfrol o gerddi ganddo. Ceir tair cyfrol hefyd, a grynhowyd yn 2014, yn cynnwys ffotograffau, rhaglenni ac adolygiadau’n ymwneud â pherfformiadau Theatr Genedlaethol Ieuenctid yr Urdd, 1973-88.
Bound volumes containing drama scripts by Emyr Edwards and translations of plays by him, 1973-2015, together with typescripts of some of his publications on the theatre and a volume of poetry by him. Also included are three volumes, compiled in 2014, of photographs, programmes and reviews relating to performances by the Urdd Youth Theatre Company, 1973-88.

Jonah Jones Papers
Papers of, and relating to Jonah Jones, 1946-2004, including correspondence and papers associated with his artistic work, exhibitions and experiences during the Second World War.

Trecefel Family Diaries
Diaries of Joseph Jenkins, 1839-1870, and his daughter Anne Jenkins, 1886-1947, together with miscellaneous notebooks and papers of members of the Trecefel family, 1859-1947.

Tŷ Cerdd Archive
Music manuscripts and miscellaneous papers, 1893-[1999], transferred on the closure of the Welsh Music Information Centre, Cardiff, comprising a large number of music scores and sketches. Among the composers represented in the archive are Robert Bruce, Dilys Elwyn Edwards, John Edwards, J. R. Heath, Alun Hoddinott, Arwel Hughes, Idris Lewis, Ian Parrott and Grace Williams.
Llawysgrifau cerddorol a phapurau amrywiol, 1893-[1999], a dderbyniwyd adeg cau Canolfan Hysbysrwydd Cerddoriaeth Cymru yng Nghaerdydd, yn cynnwys nifer fawr o sgoriau cerddoriaeth. Ymhlith y cyfansoddwyr a gynrychiolir yn yr archif mae Robert Bruce, Dilys Elwyn Edwards, John Edwards, J. R. Heath, Alun Hoddinott, Arwel Hughes ac Ian Parrott.
Additional music manuscripts, 1963-1969, comprising scores by Grace Williams, Daniel Jones, and William Mathias; together with papers [1906-1975], relating to Grace Williams [photographs transferred to NLW Photographic Department].

CMA: Cofnodion Capel Newydd y Brithdir, Gwynedd
Llyfrau casgliad y weinidogaeth, 1912-1973, llyfrau cyfrifon, 1912-2000, Capel Newydd y Brithdir, ynghyd â phapurau'n ymwneud â gwerthu'r Foelas (Tŷ'r Gweinidog), 1971-1973.

Papurau Erfyl Fychan
Papurau Erfyl Fychan, 1858-1996, gan gynnwys llythyrau a anfonwyd ato, rhai oddi wrth ei gyd-aelodau yn yr Orsedd, copi o'i draethawd MA, 1939, sgriptiau radio, llyfr 'testimonials' John Roberts ('Telynor Cymru') a chyfrolau eraill yn cynnwys adysgrifau a ddaeth i'w feddiant, ynghyd â phapurau ei fab Geraint Vaughan-Jones.

CMA: Cofysgrifau Eglwys y Tabernacl, Porthmadog
Cofnodion ariannol, cofnodion gweithgareddau diwylliannol a chofnodion gweinyddol Capel y Tabernacl, Porthmadog. Ceir llyfr cyfrifon, 1860-1917, llyfrau casgliad y Weinidogaeth, 1927-1937, llyfrau derbyniadau a thaliadau, 1968-1985, rhaglenni ac anerchiadau Cymdeithas Lenyddol y Tabernacl, 1884-[1923], llyfrau cofnodion cyfarfodydd y blaenoriaid, 1891-1935, llyfr cofnodion Pwyllgor y Chwiorydd a hanes yr Eglwys, 1862-1891, yn eu plith.

Papurau'r Parch. W. Rhys Nicholas
Mae'r grŵp cyntaf (1-185) o bapurau'r Parch. W. Rhys Nicholas, [1864]-1996, a dderbyniwyd yn 1996 yn cynnwys llythyrau personol ac eraill yn ymwneud â'i waith fel golygydd; ei gyfansoddiadau megis emynau, yn arbennig ei emyn enwog 'Pantyfedwen'; ei waith ymchwil ar gyfer cyhoeddiadau; anerchiadau; papurau bywgraffyddol; papurau unigolion eraill; a deunydd printiedig.-

Papurau Islwyn Ffowc Elis
Drafft cyntaf Cysgod Y Cryman a rhai o nofelau eraill Islwyn Ffowc Elis, 1953-1989, drafftiau llawysgrif o ysgrifau a gynhwysir yn Cyn Oeri'r Gwaed, a llyfrau nodiadau yn cynnwys barddoniaeth, caneuon, storïau, dramâu, nodiadau diwinyddol, sgriptiau radio, erthyglau a gwaith celf, [c.1940]-[c.1970]. -- Ceir hefyd nifer o lythyrau oddi wrth Robin Williams, Kate Roberts, E. Tegla Davies, Dyddgu Owen, D. Tecwyn Lloyd ac eraill, 1949-1994, a phapurau am Blaid Cymru yn cynnwys gohebiaeth â Gwynfor Evans, 1966-1969. Papurau ychwanegol, 1937-2010, gan gynnwys llythyrau oddi wrth Kate Roberts ac R. S. Thomas, sgriptiau a phregethau, ynghyd a chyfres o ddeg englyn a luniwyd iddo gan Alan Llwyd ar achlysur dathlu ei ben-blwydd yn ddeg a thrigain mlwydd oed (Ionawr 2017).

Papurau D. Tecwyn Lloyd
Papurau personol, proffesiynol a llenyddol D. Tecwyn Lloyd, [1870]-1998, gan gynnwys papurau pan fu'n Gymrawd Ymchwil yn Rhufain, 1951-1952; nifer fawr o lythyrau yn deillio o’i gyfnod yn olygydd y cylchgrawn Taliesin, 1965-1987; dyddiaduron, 1931-1992; papurau'n ymwneud â'i waith ymchwil ar Saunders Lewis; ynghyd â’i draethawd MA, 1961. Ceir hefyd papurau a grynhowyd ganddo. -- Personal, professional and literary papers of D. Tecwyn Lloyd, [1870]-1998, including papers relating to his time as Research Fellow in Rome; 1951-1952; letters relating to his work as editor of the literary periodical Taliesin, 1965-1987; his diaries, 1931-1992; his research on Saunders Lewis; together with his MA thesis, 1961. Also included are papers accumulated by him.

Papurau Crwys
Papurau W. Crwys Williams, 1863-1967, yn cynnwys llythyrau, llyfrau nodiadau yn cynnwys cerddi, pryddestau a gyflwynwyd ar gyfer cystadleuaeth y goron yn yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol, sgriptiau, pregethau, copi teipysgrif o'i ewyllys, 22 Rhagfyr 1958, a fersiwn diweddarach, 15 Medi 1964. Ceir papurau hefyd, 1873-1891, yn perthyn i'w dad-yng-nghyfraith y Parchedig Robert Charles Jones (1847-1925), gweinidog gyda'r Methodistiaid Calfinaidd a fu'n genhadwr yn Chile, 1874-1878. = Papers of W. Crwys Williams, 1863-1967, comprising letters, notebooks including poems, poems in free metre entered in competitions for the crown in National Eisteddfodau, scripts, sermons, typescript copy of his will, 22 December 1958, and an updated version, 15 September 1964. Also included are papers belonging to his father-in-law the Rev. Robert Charles Jones (1847-1925), Calvinistic Methodist minister who was a missionary in Chile, 1874-1878.

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru - Cyfansoddiadau a Beirniadaethau
Cyfansoddiadau amrywiol a gyflwynwyd i gystadlaethau llenyddol a cherddorol Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru, 1887-2019. Yn eu plith ceir awdlau, pryddestau, cywyddau, englynion, englynion ysgafn, baledi, sonedau, straeon byrion, blogiau, llên meicro a a dramâu. Ceir gweithiau ar gyfer y Fedal Ryddiaith, Gwobr Daniel Owen, Ysgoloriaethau Emyr Feddyg a Geraint Morris, ynghyd ag emyn-donau a chyfansoddiadau Tlws y Cerddor a chyfansoddi dawns. Cyflwynwyd cystadlaethau i ieuenctid a chystadleuaeth y gadair a thlws rhyddiaith i ddysgwyr ac i'r rhai sydd wedi byw yn y Wladfa ar hyd eu hoes. = A variety of literary and musical compositions entered at National Eisteddfodau, 1887-2018, including odes and poetry in free metre, ballads, short stories, blogs, micro literature and plays. Entries for the Prose Medal, Daniel Owen Memorial Prize, Emyr Feddyg and Geraint Morris Scholarships, together with musical compositions such as the Musicians' Medal, hymn-tunes and dance composition are also included. Competitions for young people, Welsh learners including a chair and prose competition and a competition for those who have lived in Patagonia throughout their lives have been introduced.

CMA: Cofysgrifau Eglwys y Tabernacl, Blaenau Ffestiniog
Cofysgrifau Eglwys y Tabernacl, Blaenau Ffestiniog, gan gynnwys cyfrifon, 1862-1978, cofnodion cyfarfodydd eglwysig, 1850-1979, papurau a chynlluniau, 1898-1978, yn ymwneud â'r adeilad, ystadegau blynyddol, 1906-1978, a chofrestri bedyddiadau, 1864-1950; ynghyd â chofnodion yr Ysgol Sul, 1887-1941.

Papurau Harri Gwynn
Papurau Harri Gwynn, 1924-1997, yn cynnwys gohebiaeth gynnar rhyngddo a'i wraig Eirwen Gwynn; llythyrau oddi wrth lenorion; cerddi Harri Gwynn gan gynnwys cyfieithiadau i'r Saesneg a Sbaeneg o'i bryddest 'Y Creadur' a chyfieithiadau o ganeuon; sgriptiau radio; personalia; papurau'n ymwneud â'r Mudiad Gwerin; ynghyd â llythyrau a chardiau cydymdeimlad a anfonwyd i'w deulu; a theyrngedau iddo. = Papers of Harri Gwynn, 1924-1997, comprising early correspondence between him and his wife; letters from literary figures; poems by Harri Gwynn including English and Spanish translations of his poem in free metre (pryddest) 'Y Creadur' ('The Creature') and translations of his songs; radio scripts; personalia; papers relating to the movement Gwerin (Folk); together with letters and sympathy cards sent to his family; and tributes to him.

Papurau J. Gwyn Griffiths
Papurau personol, proffesiynol a llenyddol J. Gwyn Griffiths, 1926-2001, gan gynnwys llythyrau oddi wrth gyfeillion, ysgolheigion a llenorion. Ceir papurau'n ymwneud â'i ddiddordeb mewn gwleidyddiaeth ac fel adolygydd llyfrau, ynghyd â rhai o bapurau ei wraig Kate Bosse-Griffiths a'i frawd D. R. Griffith.

CMA: Cofysgrifau Eglwys Philadelphia, Treforus
Cofysgrifau Eglwys Philadelphia, Treforus, yn ymwneud ag ochr weinyddol y capel, materion ariannol a'r Ysgol Sul. Ceir yn eu plith cofrestri bedyddiadau, 1859-1990, cofrestri aelodau Cymdeithas Ddirwestol y Methodistiaid Calfinaidd, 1899-1914, llyfr cyhoeddiadau pregethwyr, 1889-1933, llyfr cofnodion eglwysig, 1899-1950, llyfrau casgliad y Weinidogaeth, 1905-2002, llyfrau cyfrifon, 1917-2003, llyfr yr eisteddleoedd, 1913-1939 a chofrestri'r Ysgol Sul, [1881]-1952, ynghyd â thaflenni ystadegol, 1969-2002, llythyrau'n ymwneud ag ymdrechion i gyllido'r gwaith atgyweirio ar yr adeilad, 1991-1995, adroddiad pensaernïol, 1996, ar gyflwr yr eglwys, a nodiadau ymchwil, [2002], am hanes yr achos.

Papurau Mudiad a Chwmni Adfer
Papurau Mudiad a Chwmni Adfer, 1971-2012, yn ymwneud â gweinyddu'r cwmni, gosod tai, ymgyrchoedd y mudiad, ynghyd â gohebiaeth a phapurau ariannol.

CMA: Cofysgrifau Eglwys Engedi, Ffestiniog
Cofysgrifau yn ymwneud â materion ariannol y capel, yr ochr weinyddol a'r Ysgol Sul. Ceir llyfr yr eisteddleoedd, 1881-1945, llyfrau casgliad y Weinidogaeth, 1881-1948, llyfrau aelodaeth yr eglwys, 1887-1948, llyfr y Trysorydd, 1888-1930, cofrestri'r Ysgol Sul, 1911-1946, a llyfr Ysgrifennydd yr Ysgol Sul, 1939-1948, yn eu plith.

Papurau Norah Isaac
Papurau Norah Isaac, [1874], 1927-2003, gan gynnwys gohebiaeth, sgriptiau llwyfan, sgriptiau radio a theledu, cyfansoddiadau, beirniadaethau, darlithiau ac anerchiadau, a dyddiaduron; ynghyd â phapurau personol a theuluol. Ymhlith y papurau hyn ceir deunydd yn ymwneud â'r Ysgol Gymraeg yn Aberystwyth. = Papers of Norah Isaac, [1874], 1927-2003, including correspondence, stage scripts, radio and television scripts, compositions, adjudications, lectures and addresses, and diaries; together with personal and family papers. Material relating to the Welsh School in Aberystwyth is included among these papers.

Nia Daniel
Head of Archives, Manuscripts and Modern Records


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