Maps digitised by The National Library of Wales

The Library’s map collection contains over 1,000,000 sheets of maps, charts and plans as well as thousands of atlases.

You can view digital versions of some of the vast collection of maps held at the Library. These have been divided into different categories:

Treasures at The National Library of Wales: Maps

More than a million maps are held at The National Library of Wales, and this pack provides an overview of some of the most important parts of the map collection.

View the map resource

The Industrial Revolution in Wales

Resources that use maps and other sources to support teaching the Industrial Revolution in Wales for Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 learners

View the Industrial Revolution resource

Welsh Tithe Maps - Places of Wales

Tithe maps of Wales: search and browse over 300,000 entries and their accompanying apportionment documents using original and present-day maps.

Maps: The First World War

These resources use maps from The First World War period to develop Key Stage 2 pupils skills in dealing with compass points, map scales, grid references and measuring distance.

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First World War maps

The Library has a large collection of maps relating to the First World War, including maps showing the political situation on the eve of the War, military and civilian maps showing the changing frontlines during the War and maps showing the changes to national boundaries which came as a result of the War.