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Each year the Education Service delivers workshops and presentations to thousands of school children, students, families involved in home schooling and lifelong learners. Since the Library's collection is so varied the topics presented are also very diverse. We will prepare and deliver workshops on any subject as long as the resources are available at the Library.

  • Our workshops are interactive and focus on skills development and transmitting information.
  • Workshops are delivered through the medium of Welsh, English, or bilingually.
  • We offer workshops to school pupils in Key Stages 2, 3, and 4, Advanced Level students and those studying the Welsh Baccalaureate.
  • We deliver training to teachers on specific subjects and on how to use the Library's collection.
  • We deliver workshops that are suitable for families involved in home schooling, students and lifelong learners.
  • We adapt our presentations to meet the needs of the age group of our visitors.
  • We will adapt the length of the workshop to suit your needs.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss arranging a workshop at The National Library of Wales. You can also choose from some of the prepared workshops that are ready to deliver.

The Education Service

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