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There are 4 designated disabled parking spaces located in the car park at the side of the building adjacent to the road crossing.


The Library's main entrance (located on the ground floor at the front of the building) is fully accessible with a ramp and automatic doors.


Assistance dogs are welcome to accompany their owners into the Library. Water is also provided for the dogs at the main entrance.


There are two lifts located in the shop area when you enter the building.


3 wheelchairs are available for visitors' use; they are located at the main entrance of the building.

Contacting the Library prior to your visit is recommended, although staff are available during the Library's opening hours if you require assistance.

Please contact us on 01970 632 906 or 01970 632 532


There are 3 access-friendly toilets situated around the Library:

  • Floor 0 (ground floor) turn left from the Shop, then turn right at the end of the corridor
  • Floor 0 (ground floor) behind the main staircase leading up from Peniarth
  • Floor 1 (main floor) at the top of the main staircase leading up from Peniarth

Enquiries and Admissions

Information leaflets are available in the following accessible formats:

  • Large print leaflets
  • Audio leaflets (with tape players available at Reception)

Questionnaires regarding the services at the library are available in large print form.

All enquiry desks and counters have access friendly lowered sections as well as a loop system.

Things to do at NLW

Exhibition and Events Area

Large text folders of exhibition captions are available in the various exhibition spaces. Visitors are welcome to take these around the exhibitions with them to view the exhibits while reading the text. Exhibition captions are located at a low level at the bottom of exhibits.Where possible low exhibition cases have been used at every exhibition. Chairs are located in the Gregynog Gallery and near the plasma screen in Peniarth.

Shop and Café

The Shop is situated to the left of the main entrance on the ground floor. It is also possible to  purchase from our shop online. If you would like to contact the Shop, please call 01970 632 548.

Caffi Pen Dinas is situated to the right of the main entrance on the ground floor. It serves breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. If you would like to visit with a group, please contact Elen Rees beforehand on 01970 632 801 or

Reading Room

The Library has equipment in its Reading Room to aid the use of its resources:

  • Smartview and AverVision machines for magnification of manuscripts
  • ScannaR machine which reads text aloud 
  • Supernova facilities which magnify and read text aloud
  • tables which can be raised or lowered as required

Our listening and viewing rooms are fully accessible.

The Drwm auditorium

The Drwm is fully accessible with a wide access wheelchair door, and spaces for wheelchairs within.

An infrared transmission system is available at the Drwm, and the best quality of sound is through a headset (these can be provided when entering the Drwm, please ask a member of staff). Alternatively, hearing aids can be switched to the T position.

Assistance dogs are welcomed within the Drwm.

Security and safety

The Library reserves the right to examine all bags on entry to the Library.

We ask that readers and visitors wishing to visit the Reading Rooms leave all coats and bags in the lockers provided. A £1 coin (refundable) per locker is required.

Reporting an emergency

Any accident or illness should be reported either to the supervisor of one of the Reading Rooms or to a member of the uniformed security staff in the Central Hall.

Emergency Procedures

The fire alarm is a continuous electronic sounder. Readers and Visitors should evacuate the building by the nearest available exit or as directed by members of staff and follow the green EXIT signs to make their way out on to the lower terrace at the front of the library, via the exit doors on the lower ground floor. Never use the lift in the event of a fire alarm.

In the event of an emergency/evacuation, if it is safe to do so, disabled visitors should leave the Library through the same door as they entered, the entrance on the ground floor.

If disabled visitors are on the 1st floor, in no event should the lifts be entered, visitors should remain on the 1st floor and make themselves known to a member of staff.

If a wheelchair user is located on the main floor (0 floor, where the reading rooms are located), there are two designated refuge points where they can be taken:-

  • In the stairwell at the back of the South Reading Room
  • In the link to book stack 1 from the North Reading Room

Individuals should make themselves known to a member of staff who will take them to the refuge points.

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