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The gallery is part of The Riverside Library development that also includes a café, an advice hub, a public library and a tourist information centre. It hosts a programme of thematic six month exhibitions, and a permanent exhibition on the history, culture and legends of Pembrokeshire. The National Library also delivers a programme of events and a series of education workshops in The Riverside Library to accompany the exhibitions.

Pembrokeshire: Then and Now


Pembrokeshire is a land filled with myth and legend, and home to and old and passionate people who through the ages have been proud of their rich history, culture and landscape.  This exhibition celebrates Pembrokeshire’s history and continuing charm, through displaying iconic works associated with the area.

Record: Folk, Protest and Pop

 17.09.22 – 18.03.23

Wales is often described as “the land of song”, and even our national anthem refers to “a land of poets and singers…”. But where did this musical tradition begin, and how did it develop over the centuries?

This exhibition uses the Welsh Music Archive and the Screen and Sound Archive to trace the history of Welsh music from the crwth to Catatonia, looking at the early tradition, the influence of individuals like Meredydd Evans and how Welsh record labels have worked tirelessly to produce revolutionary folk, protest and pop music.