Nick Treharne 20:20 Vision: A Portrait of Wales

Opens 25.4.20

Upper Central Hall

This exhibition of photographs records Wales and its people during the years leading up to 2020. The project began in 2018 with the aim of building a comprehensive portfolio of contemporary life in Wales. It is deliberately wide in scope allowing the photographer to freely travel throughout the country, taking pictures as he goes. Much of the work is observational in nature as he seeks out engaging moments in the streets, the countryside and in many events. Portraits of people met along the way are also featured.

Nick Treharne is an experienced freelance photojournalist and photographer based in Penarth, Cardiff. Travelling the length and breadth of Wales, as part of his work (usually by motorcycle) prompted Nick Treharne to document the communities, landscape and culture of Wales in the form of a special project - 20:20 Vision: A Portrait of Wales. The work of the project will be displayed in a special exhibition at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Library was unable to host this exhibition as scheduled, but a selection of the images can be viewed on the People’s Collections Wales website.

Photography competition

To coincide with Nick Treharne’s exhibition a photography competition was held in conjunction with the National Centre for Learning Welsh as part of this year’s Ar Lafar festival celebrations. The competition was open to all learners who are learning, or have learnt, Welsh and the theme was Fy Nghymru i (My Wales), as Nick – who is himself a Welsh learner – based the exhibition on his travels around Wales. He also kindly agreed to judge the competition.

Despite the Ar Lafar festival being cancelled for 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, many images were submitted for the photography competition. Many views from all across Wales were received, from Chepstow (a landscape showing the Severn Crossing) to Anglesey (a view of Ynys Llanddwyn).

Congratulations to Carole Gowers who was successful with her photograph of Llyn Nantlle Uchaf. The winning entry will be exhibited in public at the National Library once it has reopened.


Carole lives in Caernarfon with her husband Jeff and youngest son, Toby. She couldn’t speak Welsh when she moved to Wales in October 2016, but because she believes strongly that you should be able to speak the language of the country where you live, she began taking Welsh lessons immediately. “I’d like to be more confident with my Welsh, but I’m very lucky because everyone in Caernarfon speaks Welsh so there’s a great opportunity to practice here”.

She started taking pictures four years ago with her late father’s camera, and she loves wandering out in the fresh air capturing views of the landscape and nature. “Unfortunately, my father died in 2018 but he’d be very proud to hear that I’d won this competition – it’s a great privilege exhibiting my picture in The National Library of Wales. Wow!”

The National Centre for Learning Welsh:

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