The Mostyn Manuscripts: a Centennial Celebration

30 June 2018 - 8 December 2018


The National Library of Wales first acquired manuscripts from Mostyn Hall, Flintshire in 1918 and to mark the centenary of this notable acquisition, this exhibition showcases some of the most important Mostyn treasures within the Library’s collections. These treasures include the Chronicle of Elis Gruffudd which was recently listed as an item of international importance in UNESCO’s UK Memory of the World Register - and the work of naturalist Thomas Pennant, who lived at Downing near Mostyn.

Loaned items from Mostyn Hall are of historic significance, such as the original commission of 1567, granted under the authority of Queen Elizabeth I, instructing William Mostyn to organise an eisteddfod at Caerwys, and the silver harp - the earliest surviving eisteddfod award.

Also celebrated is the watercolour artist and engraver Moses Griffith, who accompanied Pennant as an illustrator during his numerous tours of Wales and Scotland, and who lived at Gwibnant near Mostyn.

This is a rare opportunity to view treasures from one of the finest private collections ever formed in Wales.

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