What's Occurring?

33 June - 22 September 2012

Here is an opportunity to view some of the extraordinary items that have been recently added to the collection of the National Library of Wales. They are but a selection of what we acquire in order to enrich and enhance the collection in accordance with the Library's Collection Development Policy.

Through purchase or donation, the Library seeks to reflect, as objectively as possible, all aspects of Wales’ past and present, without representing any particular historical, sectarian or other viewpoint. This exhibition represents the richness and diversity of our collection; from a painting of the character ‘Nessa’ from the hit television show Gavin and Stacey, to the diary of prominent 18th century Methodist preacher, David Jones of Llan-gan.

The Library collects with a view to the access needs of present and future users with the aim of building a collection of national importance. Whereas the Library aims at being comprehensive in its collections, it cannot collect everything - it has to be selective. Collections of a purely local interest are directed to appropriate local libraries, archives and museums. The Library acquires collections in many different formats but seeks to avoid acquiring 3D artefacts, except for portrait busts and other exceptional items.

We receive an annual purchase grant from the Welsh Government, and continue to enjoy the support of benefactors, to enrich our collections through donations and bequests.