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Black History Month has meant several things to several people, at different times and in different parts of the world. Like a child; it has grown before our very eyes capturing and telling a story of not just slavery, wars, cacao, tobacco, gold, diamonds, and sugarcane plantations but of the resilience of a people.

This exhibition, curated by the Library’s Archives Decolonization Project Officer, Miidong P. Daloeng, stems from the Wales Anti-Racist Action Plan that promotes and celebrates Black contributions to British society and the world at large. It also aims at fostering a better understanding of Black history in general through the themes of music, art, education, empire and campaigns

This is a reflection of who we were, who we are and the future to come.

Among the items on display are artworks by Mfikela Jean Samuel, Joshua Donkor and Paul Peter Piech, along with a clip from Selwyn Roderick's BBC programme on the community in Tiger Bay, Cardiff, 'Capital City: Where's That Tiger Now?' (2005), and various material relating to figures such as Shirley Bassey DBE and Paul Robeson.