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Historically, lectures were published in the ‘The National Library of Wales Journal’ and printed copies could be bought from the shop, although since 2003 lectures have been published on this page and are available free of charge.

Year Speaker
2023 Professor Laura McAllister 'Reason not rancour: a route to a better Wales'
2022 Huw Edwards 'Canslo Cymru: Cymru a San Steffan yn yr 80au'
2021 Professor Paul O’Leary 'Lloyd George, Empire and the Making of Modern Ireland'
2020 Carwyn Jones AoS, Liz Saville-Robert AS, Yr Athro Richard Wyn Jones, Elliw Gwawr - Trafodaeth Panel 'Gwleidyddiaeth y Gorffennol; Hanes y Dyfodol' (Fideo gydag isdeitlau Cymraeg y Saesneg)
2019 Jane Hutt AM 'The Welsh Political Archive Annual Lecture'
2018 Revd. Dr. D. Ben Rees, 'Camp Aneurin; Y Gwasanaeth Iechyd Gwladol'
2017 Professor Teresa Rees, 'Gender, Power and Knowledgein the Welsh Academy'
2016 Rt. Hon. Ann Clwyd MP, 'The Welsh Political Archive Annual Lecture'
2015 Jeremy Bowen, 'The Welsh Political Archive Annual Lecture'
2014 Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth, 'A Written Entrenched Constitution for the United Kingdom – all of it and parts of it'
2013 Lord Morris, ‘Cenedl y Cymry a'r Deyrnas Unedig'
2012 Baroness Eluned Morgan of Ely, 'Where Next For Wales'
2011 Menna Richards, 'I settled Wales Last Thursday - A View From The Frontier of Broadcasting'
2010 Dr Hywel Francis MP, 'Ireland 1916, Russia 1917, Wales?, (Aberystwyth graffiti, circa 1978)'
2009 The First Minister, Rhodri Morgan AM, 'Ten years of devolution: reflections of a first minister'
2008 Lord Elystan Morgan, 'Rhai Atgofion Gwleidyddol'
2007 Mr David Jenkins, 'Sleeping with the Enemy; trade unions in Wales during the Thatcher years'
2006 Lord Crickhowell, 'The Conservative Party in Wales, 1888-1998'
2005 Cynog Dafis, 'Plaid Cymru and the Greens: flash in the pan or a lesson for the future?'
2004 Deirdre Beddoe, 'Women and Politics in Twentieth Century Wales'
2003 Ron Davies, 'Reflections'
2002 Merfyn Jones, ‘Gwleidyddiaeth Addysg Gydol oes yng Nghymru/The Politics of Lifelong Learning in Wales.’
2001 Hywel Williams, ‘Of Princes, Power and Plots: Deciding and Advising in Government.’
2000 Dai Smith, ‘Out of the people: a century in labour.’
1999 Yr Arglwydd Gwilym Prys-Davies, ‘Troi breuddwyd yn ffaith / Turning a dream into a reality’
1998 Dr Neal Ascherson, ‘The yes road: a reflection on two devolution campaigns’
1997 Angela John, ‘'Chwarae teg': Welsh men's support for women's suffrage’
1996 John Davies, ‘Plaid Cymru oddi ar 1960 / Plaid Cymru since 1960’
1995 Syr Wyn Roberts, ‘Pymtheg mlynedd yn y Swyddfa Gymreig / Fifteen years at the Welsh Office'
1994 Christopher Harvie, ‘Europe and the Welsh nation’
1993 Lord Hooson, ‘Deffro neu ddiwedd? Rhyddfrydiaeth yng Nghymru yn ail ran yr ugeinfed ganrif / Rebirth or death?’
1992 Patrick Hannan, ‘The first rough draft: history and journalism’
1991 Lord Blake, ‘An incongruous partnership: Lloyd George and Bonar Law’
1990 Yr Arglwydd Cledwyn o Benrhos, ‘Cymru yn y ddau Dŷ, Wales in both Houses’
1989 David Marquand 'History de-railed? The route to 1979'
1987 John Grigg 'Lloyd George and Wales'