Archives of Welsh Writers in English

For over 50 years the Library has been collecting Welsh authors’ papers (sometimes referred to as ‘Anglo-Welsh’), that is Welsh authors who write through the medium of English. The most prominent figure of course is Dylan Thomas and we have an ever increasing collection of his letters and manuscripts. 

We have a collection of Raymond Williams’ literary papers, including drafts of the novels Border Country and People of the Black Mountains.

There is a comprehensive archive of papers belonging to the author and artist David Jones, including drafts of In Parenthesis and The Anathemata.

We also have Margiad Evans’ note books and papers, drafts of novels and stories by Rhys Davies, and a complete archive of novels, stories and note books in Gwyn Thomas’ handwriting.

What about taking a look at the diaries of authors such as John Cowper Powys, Idris Davies or Edward Thomas? What about reading various letters to Keidrych Rhys, editor of Wales, or letters to Sam Adams discussing Poetry Wales?

A-Z list

Here are some authors who figure most prominently in our collections, but not everything is included here, and you should search the catalogues for further details. Access to those archives which have been catalogued is available by searching the Library’s Catalogue.