The National Library of Wales Building Works

What is the programme to renovate The National Library of Wales building?

Essential maintenance and renovation work both inside and outside The National Library of Wales building in Aberystwyth will commence on 22 May, 2019. The programme, which will is likely to run for twenty-four months, will ensure that this historic icon will continue to be an essential resource for generations to come.

Will the Library be closed to the public as a result of this renovation work?

The Library will not close while the work is carried out. It is important to us that the public has continued access to the important and unique collections held here at The National Library. We will use various media to inform users and visitors in good time of any changes in services.

I intend to visit the Library during this period. What effect will this have on me?

The building work could mean:

  • fewer parking spaces on the Library site;
  • more noise than usual within the building;
  • restricted access to some parts of the building;
  • some services being delivered differently or from different locations within the building;
  • fewer exhibitions, and Gregynog Gallery closed: please visit the exhibitions page to find out more about current exhibitions.

What is the timetable for the work?

The first phase will begin on 22 May, 2019 and will last until the end of January 2020. During this period:

  • The North Reading Room will close as a reading room and its services moved to the South Reading Room;
  • The reprographic service will be moved to The North Reading Room;
  • There will be changes to layout of the South Reading Room as a result of the relocation of North Reading Room services;
  • Visitors should use the main entrance as the old main door on the top of the stairs will close temporarily. 

Latest news

Temporary Parking Arrangements

A Traffic Management Plan will be operational on the Library site from 23 May, 2019 when R. L Davies commence work on the main building. You should also be aware that the front car park may also be closed temporarily at certain times so that materials and equipment can be unloaded to the work areas. We will provide 24 hours notice when temporary closure of this area is required.

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