Research Programme in Digital Collections

The Research Programme in Digital Collections (known as NLW Research) was established in 2011 to address and to develop an evidence base for the use, value and impact of the digital collections of NLW.  Much of the work has focused on the Digital Humanities where digital content, methods and tools were combined to enhance scholarly research.

Areas of Focus

The programme has 3 main areas of focus:

  1. Understanding use
    Understanding how existing digital content is used
  2. Enhancing content
    Identify ways of making existing digital content more useful for research, teaching or community engagement
  3. Developing new digital content
    Develop new digital content that addresses specific research or education needs, in partnership with academics and other key stakeholders

How is this done?

The Research Programme in Digital Collections has built a range of projects to embed digital collections in research, teaching and public engagement.  These have been developed in collaboration with partners from many academic disciplines, education and cultural heritage institutions around the world.

Our research takes forward new approaches to using digital content created by NLW through application of ICT Tools and methods for research and the communication of this research, and developing digitization projects that fulfil strategic objectives in this area.

Research Areas

Some of the research areas covered as part of the Programme include:

  • Value and impact of digital collections
  • Digital research methods in the arts and humanities
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Community generated content
  • Linked data
  • Data mining